09/05/2012 03:27 pm ET Updated Nov 05, 2012

Outgrow.Me: Where Kickstarter Projects Go When They Mature

By: Noah J. Nelson

Until now there hasn't been a one-stop-shop for crowdfunded projects that have met their goals but are still availible for prchase or pre-order. That's changed thanks to, a marketplace for those projects.

The front page is a simple photo grid. Roll over the image and get the project details. Click through to find a page culled from the original project page. A big "Buy Now" button will lead you to a site where you can purchase the product. Each product page has a big "Is This Your Product?" call to action at the top right, encouraging project creators to get in touch with

Category pages are organized like the front page, zeroing in on products of interest.

So who is behind this site? Sam Fellig is the founder of, and we had this quick interview with him thanks to the magic of email.


TURNSTYLE: What inspired you to start

Sam Fellig: I've always been fascinated with technology, gadgetry, and innovation. For years now, I've been reading Technology news with my breakfast and watching every single TED video I can squeeze into my day. When Kickstarter entered the scene, it was everything I loved wrapped in one glorious website. After backing a variety of projects over the last year, I saw a need for a website that took over where Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms left off. Enter

TS: What's your background with crowdfunding? Web development?

SF: My background with crowdfunding is nothing more than as a backer and fan of crowdfunding projects. I didn't have any web development experience prior to I had the idea and thought "This doesn't seem to difficult!" How wrong I was.. I started with (an incredible resource) and learned a lot hands-on. It took an incredible amount of hard work and tons of support from online communities like Reddit and Stackoverflow, but the satisfaction of people loving has made everything worth it.

TS: Are you looking to make money here?

SF: There's definitely room to make a lot of money in this industry, but that isn't my focus. My focus is on building a strong community that supports innovation, creativity, and small businesses. Our community is growing exponentially, and our strong relationships with our designers, inventors, and innovators is helping to fuel this growth.

TS: There's a place on each page for project creators to contact you, how are you intending to work with them?

SF: Many project creators contact me to update me on product availability or to send me new product photos or information. Beyond this,'s goal is to build a solution that includes all the features and requests project creators want in a platform, so communication is key. Every day, I'm in touch with dozens of project creators, from designers working on creating new crowdfunding projects to successful inventors post-production. Every suggestion brings one step closer to being the next step in crowdfunding.

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