Does Your iPhone Suddenly Turn Off When It's Low On Battery? Apple Explains Why

PeopleImages via Getty Images

Gene-Editing Found To Preserve Hearing In Mice And It Could Do The Same For Humans

CreativeNature_nl via Getty Images

Here's The Truth About Facebook's New Facial Recognition Technology


This Tiny Fossil Could Be Proof That Life Elsewhere In The Universe Is Common

J William Schopf/UCLA Center for the Study of Evolution and the Origin of Life

One Of The World's Largest Carmakers Is Finally Going Electric

Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Alien Object 'Oumuama' Is Actually Covered In A Layer Of Organic Material

ESO/M Kornmesser

Twitter Fails To Remove An Anti-Semitic Tweet Almost A Year After It Was Flagged By MPs


We've Finally Recreated The Incredible 'Sixth Sense' That Sharks Have

WhitcombeRD via Getty Images

This New Feature For Chrome Will Make The Internet Infinitely Less Annoying

gmutlu via Getty Images

Layered Reality: Is This The Future Of Entertainment?


Temperatures In Alaska Have Risen So Fast A Computer Didn't Believe The Data And Deleted It

Universal History Archive via Getty Images

A New 'Sickness Surveillance' Technology Will Help The NHS Cope With Winter

PA Wire/PA Images

Apple Now Sells A Computer That Costs More Than A Brand New Car

VCG via Getty Images

This Tiny Change In The Way We Drive Could Eradicate Most Traffic Jams

Maxim Shemetov / Reuters

What Is Net Neutrality And Could It Affect The UK?

Kyle Grillot / Reuters

We've Got Some Bad News About That Interstellar Space Rock

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