12/20/2013 06:14 pm ET Updated Feb 19, 2014

10 TV Shows From the 2000's That Are Way Underrated

Scott Humbert via Getty Images

It's hard to believe that the 2000's have come and gone. This decade has given us many things to be grateful for. We have the 2000's to thank for Kidz Bop, iPods and most importantly, the Harry Potter films.

However, the most crucial part of the decade was obviously the TV shows.

The true gem of the decade though lies in the underrated TV shows. Some of the greatest shows in television history came out during this time, and most of us have never even heard of most of them.

Here is my list of the top 10 most underrated shows of the 2000's that all deserve an Emmy.

10.  Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue (2000-2001)

Lightspeed Rescue was clearly the best phase of the entire Power Rangers series. A city in California built on an ancient demon burial ground needs five teenagers to rescue the city from the rising demons. What's not to love? This TV show was way underappreciated. Was I the only kid who dressed up as the Red Lightspeed Ranger for 3 consecutive Halloweens?

9.     Even Stevens (2000-2003)

Obviously a staple of the 2000's, yet nobody really seems to remember the show.    I find this quite strange since Louis, Ren, and Beans taught me all I ever needed to know about my adolescent years. When the Even Stevens movie came out in 2003, it was like my childhood was patting me on the back and giving me a gift that would stay with me a lifetime.

8.     What I Like About You (2002-2006)

Oh Amanda Bynes. Who knew all that crazy was inside of her when she was playing Val's angelic younger sister Holly?

I was still in elementary school when this show was airing, but I spent my junior high days watching the reruns and laughing my face off.

7.     Danny Phantom (2004-2007)

Nickelodeon really outdid their selves with this dime of a show. A 14-year-old boy who has secret ghost powers and saves the world on a daily basis. This show provided me with an unbelievable amount of joy. It saddens me that Danny did not receive the adequate amount of love which I believed he deserved.

6.     Proud Family (2001-2005)

Who could forget about Penny Proud, her over-protective father Oscar, and her wise old grandmother Suga Mama? Apparently a lot of people.

This family was the soul of Disney Channel and yet it was horribly underrated. Why is it that all the kids my age seem to know the Kim Possible theme song "call me beep me if you wanna reach me" but nobody seems to remember the Destiny's Child theme song for the Proud Family?

5.  Wildfire (2005-2008)

ABC Family was kind enough to give us this great family show about a young woman fresh from juvie forced to live on a horse ranch as part of her parole. And how did we repay them? With low ratings.

4.   Braceface (2001-2003)

This show made braces cool. And really, what more could one ask for in a TV show? This show was wholesome and realistic. Sharon faced everyday problems with a positive attitude and a metal smile.

3.   S Club 7 in L.A. (2000)

If you have never heard of the 90's band S Club 7 then you need to reevaluate your life. This group provided me with the songs of my childhood, and when this 13-episode reality show came out, it was like a dream come true. Finally I could know what my favorite singers were up to. I no longer had to daydream about being a part of their élite group; this show made me feel as if I was truly a part of them, experiencing life with them. And for that I will forever be grateful. Good times S Club 7, good times.

2.   Gilmore Girls (2000-2007) 

Gilmore Girls is truthfully one of my all time favorite TV shows. Along with Friends and Keeping up with the Kardashians, this is a show that I could watch over and over again and never get bored. Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are two are my absolute favorite people. Stars Hollow feels as real to me as my own neighborhood. This show had a loyal following for sure, but I feel that on a grand scale it was way underappreciated. Gilmore Girls was filled with good wholesome humor and every episode centered on the importance of family and good morals. Thankfully ABC Family continues to play reruns everyday at 11:00am eastern.

1.     Totally Spies (2001-2010)

Last but not least, the show that I feel was far too awesome and far too underrated would have to be Cartoon Network's Totally Spies. Clover, Sam, and Alex were my heroes, my icons, my friends. These secret agent high school girls were transported all around the world to fight evil with their gadgets disguised as lipstick.

By: Joely Friedman, The Ohio State University