09/25/2012 11:14 am ET Updated Nov 24, 2012

12-Year-Old Develops His First Apple App

A seventh grade student of Jackson, Miss. becomes one of Apple's youngest app developers. Charley Hutchison, 12, worked for months to create FriendsForFlickr, an iPhone friendly app that updates Flickr photos with mobile contacts.

According to a report by The Clarion Ledger, Charley said, "I've always been really interested in computers. Then my parents had an iPhone, and I really loved playing with apps on there, so I decided, why don't I make my own app?" Charlie continued on to say, "If there's so many already on the store, surely I can make one myself."

Charley's math instructor commented in news reports on how she realized how unique he was when Charley raised questions about algorithms in middle school. According to an article on the Mississippi Bussiness Journal  in late May, Charley worked diligently to get his app approved before reaching age 12 in early May. Charley received the phone call that his app was approved in late April.

Mission accomplished. With the release of the iPhone 5 last week, Apple users have the option of downloading Charley's creation from the Apple store.

Charley is't the only preteen making applications. Jordan Casey, 12, is Europe's youngest application developer.  Jordan developed the games Alien Ball vs Humans  and its sequel, Alien Ball vs Humans 2: Holiday. Adobe featured Jordan on their blog in July.

Something tells me this young innovator has a bright future. Not many college students can claim the victory of developing an app. What were you doing at age 12?

By Crystal Garner, University of Southern Mississippi