10/10/2014 01:00 pm ET Updated Dec 10, 2014

Get Outside and Make Friends: The Top 5 Games to Play in the Dorms

Do you remember when you were a kid and you always thought "wow I can't wait to be a grown-up?"

Well now that we are finally grown-ups, we realize it's not all that we thought it would be. No more nap time, we don't get to do whatever we want whenever we want, we could eat tons of candy but then we would get fat ... sigh. What a bust.

So in times where you think you've been cheated, it's time to bring out the inner kid. That's right, I'm talking about dorm games. Who says hide and seek has to have an age limit?

These games will be a great way to feel young again (I know you just threw your back out picking up your pencil) and will be a great way to meet new people, especially if you are new or on the shy side.

Humans vs. Zombies:

With the zombie genre being rather hyped, it seems only fitting for you to play a good old game of humans vs. zombies at your school.

In order for this game to happen, you will need Nerf guns, and lots of them. The best way is to make an announcement on your campus Facebook page, and tell everyone who has a Nerf gun to bring it to campus.

How to play:

The game is rather simple and resembles tag, only way cooler. You can make up your own rules, but here is a sample.

Objective: As a human, you need to survive as long as possible. As a zombie, well, go eat some humans.

How to be a human: You will need a Nerf gun, as well as a bandanna to show that you are a human. It can be any color you want, just not red. You have one life, and once you die, you then become a zombie.

How to be a zombie: To be a zombie, you must wear a red bandanna, and may dress up in zombie attire if you please (which makes it way more fun!). If you get shot by a human, you can re-spawn at a designated "zombie base."

How does a human die?: A human dies by long-term exposure to zombies. This can be enforced how you please, but make sure the rules are clearly stated before you start the game.

It is advised to have people watching and enforcing rules, as well as having people sign up to play so you know you'll have a fair amount of both humans and zombies. This one will take some planning and coordination on your part, but it will be a blast!

Spoon Assassin:

Put your Facebook stalking skills to the test with spoon assassin!

You will need to make a Facebook group with the event and have people sign up with their first and last name, email, and a fun fact about themselves. Ask them to keep a current profile picture up of just themselves, so everyone will know what they look like.

How to play:

1)   Each player will receive a spoon with another student's name on it: this is their target. Their name will then be given to another student.

2)   The goal is to touch your target with your spoon, but if your target is holding their spoon, they are safe. It has to be in their HAND! If it is just resting on them, they are fair game.

3)   After assassinating your target, you will inherit their spoon and then proceed to go after their target.

4)   The game continues until there is only one person left, or the quarter/semester ends.

5)   You may want to make restrictions on where people aren't allowed to assassinate, like the bathroom for example! This is totally up to you, though there should at least be a safe zone for study purposes.

Good Old Hide-and-Go-Seek Tag:

Everyone loves hide and go seek, and with the tag aspect, it won't take you forever to find everyone. This would be fun to do on a whole hall and have people's doors open, or to play outside in a wooded area with tons of hiding spots. Talk about feeling like a kid again.

Truth or Dare: 

A game of truth or dare will definitely help you get to know your new hall mates, maybe better than you wanted to know them. Instead of putting someone on the spot and awkwardly waiting while they think of a truth or dare, have everyone write as many truths and dares as they can on slips of paper and then draw them at random.

Shot Roulette:

Shot roulette consists of tons of little shot glasses, filled with good and bad things. You spin the bottle and drink what you get. Will that be a shot of soy sauce, of sprite, of mayonnaise? Take your chances and have fun watching your hall mates try not to puke.

So get out there, play some games, and meet new people! Being a grown-up can be fun after all.

By: Francine Fluetsch, UC Santa Cruz