08/08/2012 11:08 am ET Updated Oct 08, 2012

Is Bringing a Car to College a Good Idea?

Consider these things before bringing your car to college with you.

1. Where is your college located?
Does it rain a lot? Snowy winters? Extremely hot? Extreme temperatures will have an effect on your car. Will you be prepared if your engine overheats during a sweltering summer? Are you willing to scrape ice off your windshield every morning? Are the buildings on your campus within walking distance of each other or do you need to drive? Do you live in a big city or medium-sized college town? Can you deal with walking everyday?

2. Gas
Depending how far away you live from campus, the daily back and forth commute could be brutal on your wallet. Do you really want to add gas expenses to your college bill? If you live on campus and eat at a dining hall the only reason you'd need a car is to go off-campus once in a while for some fun. Plus, if you live in a dorm there's a high chance you can bum rides off one of your hallmates.

3. Parking
Are parking spots on campus hard to come by? There is usually never enough parking for students so sadly parking tickets also become an unfortunate part of your expenses. Also, consider your age. Are freshmen allowed to park on campus? Most universities also require parking passes or decals. Expenses for these will obviously vary by university, so make sure you check and fill out the proper paperwork.

4. Alternate Transportation
Let's say you are car-less. It's not the end of the world. Promise. Most universities offer varying systems of transportation like campus buses and trolleys. Also, again consider your location. Most medium to large size cities have public transport to most locations you'll need to get to. Another bonus of being carless is you'll never have to worry about traffic tickets or getting into any kind of automobile accident.

Everyone's transportation situation is different, but keep these few things in mind if you are considering bringing a car to college.

By Bridgette Balderson, Florida State University