08/08/2014 05:36 pm ET Updated Oct 08, 2014

Slumming It Sweetly: What to Do if You Wake Up Late

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Your alarm goes off at 7 a.m. sharp, a sound you have learned to despise. You decide to stretch out your arm and fumble around for where you think the snooze button is on your phone, since your class doesn't start until 8:30 anyway.

The alarm stops and you let out a sigh of relief, letting your heavy lids drift shut for a few more minutes. Only, it isn't a few more minutes.

As you were groping for the snooze button, your finger accidentally turned the alarm off altogether, so instead of waking up at 7:09, you wake up at 8:20 to the sound of your roommate making her obnoxiously loud smoothie in the kitchen.

You startle awake and let yourself have a mini panic attack. It will take you about four minutes to run to class, and that's if you really run. You know you won't have time to get ready, so what should you do?


Brushing your teeth is one thing that you should definitely do, even in the event that you are late to class. Water and some gum can suffice, but if you only have five minutes, I would definitely spend it brushing your teeth and slapping some deodorant on.

People can get past your PJs, but bad breath and B.O.? No way, José. It's always a good idea to have a mini deodorant and spray/cologne in your backpack for last minute wake-up emergencies.


You're in a hurry so you have to be fast and practical. Luckily for us girls, leggings and yoga pants are very popular, so just slip into a pair of those babies, throw on a jacket, and you're all set. (I would at least wear a cami or something instead of just a jacket, since lecture halls can get toasty and it's never fun).

Honestly, most people probably won't even realize you are slumming it to class. And guys, you have it pretty easy. Jeans and a top are easy to slip on fast, or you can totally go for the basketball shorts and jacket look.


You're rushing, remember? Skip the makeup; you'll survive I promise. I honestly used to be one of those people that couldn't leave the house without makeup on, like not even a quick run to the grocery store. It was ridiculous.

Then I got to college and realized that no one really cares. Having co-ed bathrooms and seeing everyone with drool crusties, tangled hair, and bags under their eyes makes you realize that everyone looks like that in the morning, so no one is going to judge you.

Once you reach this simple but awesome revelation, you won't freak out as much when you just don't have time to get all made up in the morning.


Ponytails and buns are prime ways to slum to class, especially since you didn't get a chance to take a shower in the morning. If your hair is not cooperating, try taming it with a hat or a beanie.

You can also invest in some cute headbands and pair them with that pony or bun so it looks like you tried when you didn't.


You're going to be running to class, so don't wear those sandals that are cute, but hurt like no other. Settle for some comfy shoes that will help you bolt to class on time.

Pretend you went to the gym:

If you really hate slumming to class, you can always pull the "oh, just got back from the gym" routine.

Pull on some gym clothes, pair it with running shoes, make your hair a little wet but not too much or else that looks too sweaty, and voila! People will think you got in an early morning workout instead of sleeping past your alarm.


For situations like this, I always have some breakfast bars handy; this way I can still get some food in my stomach so I'm not starving through the lecture. Also make sure to grab water.

Slum buddy:

If it's one of your first times slumming and you feel weird, try and sit next to someone in class that is slumming too. I promise you you'll find one.

It gets a bit harder if your class is, let's say, at 1 p.m. and you slept in, but I promise no one will judge, and if they do, they aren't worth your time anyway.

Relish in the slumming:

Once you feel comfortable slumming, why not set your alarm late on purpose? Sometimes it's nice to sleep a bit longer and be comfy in class, and if you plan on slumming, you don't have to wake up in that annoying panic mode.

Tip for alarm snoozers:

If you're like me and tend to snooze past the alarm more than you should, try and get your things ready the night before. Lay out your outfit so you don't have to decide in the morning, pack a lunch and leave it in the fridge, and take a shower at night so you don't have to do it in the morning.

Also, time yourself on a weekend of how long it takes you to do make-up, hair, get dressed, etc, so you know exactly how much time it takes to do each thing and you can calculate what is worth it and what isn't when you wake up close to class time.

Happy slumming!

By: Francine Fluetsch, UC Santa Cruz