03/28/2008 02:48 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

On the Ground Reporting from Seattle

OffTheBus members reported from Seattle, Washington before Saturday's primary.

Rev. Wayne Perryman: GOP Candidate Needs An African American Running Mate
As caucus-goers began to trickle in Saturday at Mercer Island's Republican caucus, Rev. Wayne Perryman sat alone at his precinct table, eating a sandwich and waiting for the caucus to begin.

Obama Packs The House In Seattle by Seattlepoliticore
Obama drew a huge crowd for his rally on Friday. 21,000 +. As one person observed, "He's like The f*cking Beatles. This is like when Spice World came out!"

McCain Wins Washington GOP Caucus by Charles Cadwallader and Will Mari
"Not that it's impossible, but based on our analysis, [Huckabee] would need to double his margin of victory in the counties that he is leading and even with 12% uncommitted, it doesn't appear that he can win at this point," Esser said, "The chances are, statistically, they are unlikely." Esser did congratulate the former Ark. governor for coming so close.

Republican Voters In Seattle Suburbs Lean Toward McCain by Brad Zimmerman and Will Mari
A really rough count by organizers at this GOP caucus site gives about 60-70 percent of the vote to McCain, with Huckabee coming in second and Ron Paul third.

Governor Gregoire: Fired Up And Ready To Go! by Seattlepoliticore
I just had a chance to personally speak to Governor Gregoire and she is very excited about this election."This is the most exciting election since I was fired up for Kennedy," she said.

Crowds Large At Mercer Island Caucuses by Seattlepoliticore
"We've been extremely conservative for all these years," stated Howard Miller, who has lived on Mercer Island for 51 years. "It's wonderful to see this turnout for the Democrats."

McCain Rallies Troops In Seattle by Will Mari
McCain invoked the name of Ronald Reagan several times, urging supporters of former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney to join his campaign for the sake of party unity.

VIDEO: Inside The Idaho Caucus by Seattlepoliticore
From the ground level in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho you'd think you were at an organized pep rally. Despite a few threats from Ron Paul's camp, the event went off without a hitch.