07/16/2013 03:37 pm ET Updated Sep 15, 2013

Superhero Business Leadership Lessons

Most business leaders are learning about the explosive impact of technology mega trends - cloud, mobile, social, apps, and big data - and their potential impact to either destroying existing business models, or help shape new markets, where unknown companies emerge as tomorrow's industry giants. There are 500,000 new startups created in the US every year and 50% fail within 1 year. Of the remaining survivors, another 50% fail within 3 years. In the knowledge sharing and hyper connected economy, it sometimes feels like the only answer is superhero leaders who can help us achieve the impossible.

In order to compete and win, perhaps today's business leaders can reflect on what our superheroes have preached in the past. Some of our most revered superheroes are also successful business executives and company owners, including Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne.

Why do underdogs win? Because they know they can.

Here are 50 business and leadership lessons from our most admired superheroes:

  1. "Govern yourselves with love, kindness, and service to others." - Wonder Woman
  2. "With great power comes great responsibility" - Spider-Man
  3. "You want to control me, and you can't. But that doesn't make me your enemy." - Superman
  4. "Courage is nothing without the will to use it!" - Iron Man
  5. "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." Bruce Banner - HULK
  6. "Everything's impossible until somebody does it." - Batman
  7. "No one can win every battle, but no man should fall without a struggle!" - Spider-Man
  8. "I went from being a man trapped in an iron suit to being a man freed by it." - Iron Man
  9. "This nation was founded on one principle above all else: The requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences." - Captain America
  10. "Mankind is not evil, just uninformed." - Prof. Charles Francis Xavier, X-Men
  11. "No Capes!" - Edna, The Incredibles
  12. "You can overcome this or you can wither and die. The choice is yours." - Batman
  13. "It's never as bad as it seems. You're much stronger than you think you are. Trust me." - Superman
  14. "Failure is the fog from which we all glimpse triumph." Iron Man
  15. "We've all been where you are. Someone helped us when we needed it. Now it's time to pay it forward." - Rogue
  16. "Men fear most what they cannot see." - Batman
  17. "It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends." - Dumbledore, Harry Potter
  18. "Becoming an Avenger is not a right... but a privilege!" - Iron Man
  19. "I have a new role... and I must meet the obligations it imposes". - Wonder Woman
  20. "No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again. Sometimes I just want it to stay saved!" - Mr. Incredible
  21. "This is worth the risk!" - Spider-Man
  22. "So much to do, so little RAM." - Iron Man
  23. "Sometimes you get so involved with microscopic details that you miss the big picture." - Superman
  24. "I should have known when I chose to walk this path. It never ends." - Batman
  25. "I need a day when there aren't twenty crises to deal with, but I don't see that coming any time soon." - Iron Man
  26. "You have your definition of a hero and I have mine --- and mine includes being a lot more aware." - Captain America
  27. "The stronger I make my armor, the longer I live! And I must live on! There is so much unfinished work to be done!" - Iron Man
  28. "Yes, words are useless! Gobble-gobble-gobble-gobble-gobble! Too much of it, darling, too much! That is why I show you my work!" - Edna, The Incredibles
  29. "Humankind has to be allowed to climb to its own destiny. We can't carry them there." - Superman
  30. "You counter despair with hope. You strive forever for the best you are capable to be! Therein lies the victory!" - Storm
  31. "This is a strange land, an environment dangerous for those unprepared for it." - Iron Man
  32. "I'm loyal to nothing, General...except the dream" - Captain America
  33. "The most important weapon in your arsenal will be your ability to adapt." - Batman
  34. "Of all people you know who I am. Who the world needs me to be, I'm Wonder Woman." - Wonder Woman
  35. "A man's worst enemy can sometimes be himself." - Superman
  36. "It's just that I hate anybody to skip around town in a jazzier costume than mine!" - Spider-Man
  37. "I have only a short time left to live..." - Iron Man
  38. "I don't do this for the money." - Batman
  39. "You will be different, sometimes you'll feel like an outcast, but you'll never be alone." - Superman
  40. "Enter freely, and of your own will." - Storm
  41. "My armors maneuverable, fast, and lots of fun at parties." - Iron Man
  42. "I'm going to try to break the link in the unreal world." - Batman
  43. "I believe that true focus lies somewhere between rage and serenity." - Prof. Charles Francis Xavier, X-Men
  44. "What we have here is a failure to communicate!" - Spider-Man
  45. "... Remember Tony Stark not for what he did ... but for what he tried." - Iron Man
  46. "We're seeking justice, Alfred. How can that ever be a mistake?" - Batman
  47. "Reliving the glory days is better than acting like they didn't happen!" - Mr. Incredible
  48. "I know everything. I can't help it." - Iron Man
  49. "Never ignore a hunch." - Batman
  50. "All I did was help someone find his dream." - Captain America

I would love to learn about your favorite superhero lessons. Please comment on your favorites and I will surely do my best to share with my network.

This post was co-authored by Rich Casselberry.