07/07/2014 09:07 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pretty Little Liars 504: "Thrown From the Ride"

For the fifth season of Pretty Little Liars tvtag is pairing up with Jaymie Bailey, founder of All Things PLL, to discuss the latest episode, "Thrown From the Ride." Caution: Spoilers Ahead.


I don't even know where to begin -- each episode of Season 5 has bested the next. In addition to three major storylines progressing this week we also got some delicious scene-chewing courtesy of Mona, I loved her literary teasing when Aria finds Shana's copy of The Scarlet Letter. Andrew randomly shows up, causing everyone to wonder where Toby is and how do we get him back to Rosewood ASAP. "Dark Lucas" is integrating back into society and we love it. We also get treated to the Most Awkward Lunch Ever courtesy of Emily, Sydney and Paige.

The girls get a taste of what (they think) life is like with Ali back in an A-Less Rosewood. Sure enough, drama is ever-present and now the Liars wonder if they constantly feel stressed because of their own doing. (Hint: Yes, yes they do.)

On to the mAjor stuff!

VB: I've had my doubts about him in the past, but Mr. DiLaurentis was on point tonight in the concerned-parent department. I felt his warnings to Ali about giving her things away were insightful. His suggestion that he and Ali move away wasn't *that* ridiculous, even Emily suggests it later - should Ali move away from Rosewood?

JB: From an outsider's perspective, the Liars may be better off without Alison in Rosewood. Next week, the girls have to go back to Rosewood High and defend the one person who is the cause of making their lives a living hell.

But from a fan's perspective, no way should Alison leave Rosewood. This season has been nothing short of incredible. Like you said, each of these episodes has bested the next, and Alison DiLaurentis is just creating lies on top of lies, making everything so much worse. But this season is just so good. Sure, from a certain perspective, we may not have gotten many "answers" so far this season, but the character development is on point. Alison DiLaurentis needs to stay right where she is.

Poor Aria continues to struggle with guilt over Shana's death. That funeral playback? Chills. Ezra tries to help her get out of her shame-spiral but things get awkward. Can Aria get past this?

For the first time in a while, I feel like Aria is finally center stage (with the exception of Alison). In my opinion, Aria has somewhat been a character in the background. She's had her fair share of suffering, but she hasn't been hit by a car, sent to Radley or lost a significant other.

Now that we've learned more about Ezra, the spotlight is shining more on Aria. While I don't like that Aria is suffering, I like this dilemma for her character. A game of checkers sure isn't going to be what turns things around for Aria, but her friends will be there for her, and she'll find a way to handle her guilt. Like Spencer said, she did what she had to do to protect her friends.

The biggest gasp-inducing moments of the night came from Spencer and the entire Hastings clan. What are your reactions to the revelation Mr. Hastings may be responsible for Mrs. DiLaurentis' death? (And maybe even his wife's!)

The Hastings have been suspects since the series began. Melissa has a huge motive since she hated Alison for admiring Ian, and Peter has tried to keep "the Jason thing" under wraps for the longest time. Neither character really has a soft spot for any members of the DiLaurentis family.

Perhaps Melissa was the one who hit Alison "that night" and her father murdered Mrs. DiLaurentis to keep her quiet or a Hastings may have been protecting Spencer after Mrs. D threatened to blame her for the murder. Although Peter is a viable suspect, this show has a reputation of intentionally pointing you in the wrong direction. Peter Hastings knows some very valuable information, but I'm not quite sure he's responsible for Mrs. DiLaurentis' murder. Right now, I'm looking at you, Veronica Hastings!

Good call! She was very quick to "subtly" point the finger at her husband, and maybe Peter's excuse that she's at the spa has nothing to do with him murdering her and everything to do with her hiding out to avoid arrest.

Lines of the Week:

Alison's warning to Hanna: "Once you know something you can't un-know it," is on our next CafePress order.

Spencer sums up their entire situation when she says: "There have been monsters under my bed for so long that now when they're not there anymore I feel I have to create them." But Ali quickly brings her back to reAlity: "There are still monsters out there Spence; they just might not be under our beds."

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