07/24/2014 04:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pretty Little Liars 507: "The Silence of E. Lamb"

Every week, tvtag pairs up with Jaymie Bailey, founder of All Things PLL, to discuss the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars. Beware of "The Silence of E. Lamb" spoilers!


VB: I love episodes that focus on these amazing characters and how their relationships are so interwoven. What were some of your standout moments from this week?

JB: The main scene that stood out for me this week was Mama Fields' pretty little dinner party. You can just see the anger on Hanna's face during the entire meal. I would have needed to drown my sorrows in vodka after listening to all of Alison's lies, too. You have Emily on one side who questions Alison's motives while holding her hand; and you have Hanna on the other side who is slowly pulling away from the Liars' inner circle because of Alison.

Hanna's going through a downward spiral, and she needs her friends now more than ever, but Alison is the main reason for Hanna's downfall. Then you have Pam Fields who has completely changed and wants to support her daughter while still letting Emily know that she can't fully trust Alison. That was a dinner party I would have given anything to attend!

I really love that moment between Pam and her daughter. It was so gratifying to hear how much Pam's grown and accepted Emily's choices. But Hanna's affection for Ali is obviously waning, what did you think of Hanna's interaction with Sydney and argument with Emily this week? Could Hanna join Mona's Army?

I don't think Hanna would ever join Mona's Army, but you can't blame her for all of her backlash. Her fights with Emily have worsened and Aria basically calls her "the problem" next week. Hanna was in a vulnerable stage while talking to Sydney, but I don't really think it was just because of the alcohol.

Alison has been the center of attention for the Liars, and they haven't really been listening to each other. Spencer has her own answers to find, Aria goes to Radley and Emily is watching Alison's every move. Without Caleb really being in the picture, Hanna doesn't have anyone to talk to, and Sydney was there to just listen. I'm really hoping the girls snap out of this Alison-induced trance and start helping each other.

Who are your suspects in the Bethany Young murder?

Right now, my money is on CeCe Drake or Melissa Hastings. CeCe has visited Radley where she could have met Bethany Young, and she's exchanged head-nods with Mrs. DiLaurentis. She was also wearing the clothes (purchased by Mrs. D) that Ashley Marin found on Alison's bed. Jessica could easily be covering for CeCe Drake, and "Vivian Darkbloom" got the hell out of Rosewood before the Bethany discovery. Melissa Hastings also did something out of "love" to protect Spencer and her family. She could have Bethany's blood on her hands, but I'm leaning more towards CeCe at the moment.

Why was Ali sneaking around Spencer's backyard? Do you think it's tied into Melissa's secret?

Alison always has her own agenda. I think Alison knows WAY more than she's telling, and I think the girls who are protecting someone who has ruined their lives deserve some answers! I think once we learn Melissa's secret, we'll know a little more about Alison's motives.

Emily did NOT slip up and almost tell Paige she loved her!?!

Oh, yes she did! I think Emily is finally realizing that she hasn't been there (even as just a friend) for Paige. I'm hoping Emily soon sees that anything Paige has done has only been to protect her. As I've said before, I have never been that big of an "Emison" fan. I do love their friendship and how Emily's big heart shines while she's protecting Alison, but I don't think I will ever see them as a couple. I don't really like to pick "teams," so I just hope Emily does what's best for Emily. And like you said, Paige will listen to that message over and over and OVER.

What could have happened to Eddie Lamb? I really like his character, my fingers are crossed that he connected Ezra to Aria and then skipped town to stay safe.

I want to know the answer to that question because Eddie Lamb has some "A"nswers! This also makes me a little scared for his safety. Things usually end pretty badly for anyone in Rosewood who has secrets and answers to the "A" mystery (cough Melissa Hastings cough). Here's to hoping he's safe and found Tippi the Bird on his way out of Rosewood!

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