08/04/2014 11:21 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pretty Little Liars 508: "Scream For Me"

Each week, tvtag pairs up with Jaymie Bailey of All Things PLL to discuss the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars. Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen "Scream For Me."


VB: I don't think I've ever disliked a storyline more than what's happening with Hanna's Downward Spiral. It's not the idea of it, because I think exploring their identity issues with Ali back is a story that needs to be told. What I'm having issue with is this sudden, disgusting turn by Zack, a formerly likeable character who has done all of this completely out of the blue, and the Liars' equally horrible response to learning of it. What was your reaction to all this?

JB: Initially, I loved Drunk Hanna, but I thought she'd quickly drown her sorrows with vodka and then take a turn for the better. I like that the writers are exploring her character and allowing her to find her true self. However, I don't really like the new Zack storyline since it is completely out of left field. It gave two other Liars an opportunity to outcast Hanna and make her question herself, so I'm curious about the writers' intentions. They're always good intentions, so here's hoping for the return of the Hanna we all know and love.

Plus, Hanna is the only person who is really questioning Alison and her motives. I do, however, think the truth is going to smack Aria, Emily and Spencer in the face and we're going to get a better, healthier Hanna out of all this chaos.

What do you think was going on between Mrs. D and Bethany? And how did Alison play into this - did she play into it at all??

My current theory is that Mrs. DiLaurentis is Bethany's "Aunt Jessie," and that Marion Cavanaugh is her mother (making Bethany and Toby possible twins -- since there is a twin theory floating around). Bethany possibly saw Marion Cavanaugh's murder at Radley, and Mrs. D was covering it up and buying her off so she'd keep her mouth shut. Remember that look on Alison's face when the police announced that Bethany Young was in her grave? Ali recognized that name. That's just a theory I'm trying to piece together at the moment.

I like it! How does Melissa play into this? I'm dying to know what was in that secret compartment?

I'm almost positive that whatever Melissa's secret is, it's being kept to protect Spencer. I still believe she is significantly connected to the night Alison went missing. Another theory I have is that Bethany is CeCe Drake's twin who was wearing the same yellow top as Alison the night she went missing. Melissa took that picture of Ali, CeCe and Wilden on vacation, so she clearly knows SOMETHING.

Maybe whatever happened between her and CeCe is enough motivation for murder, even if it was her sister who paid the price. Perhaps Melissa killed Cece's twin the night Jason found them outside in his yard. And Spencer is connected to Alison, so that reason alone is enough for Melissa to protect her. As for what's in the secret compartment, I think it's going to cost Melissa Hastings. "A" has found some evidence that is going to get her into some serious trouble, and I cannot wait to find out this secret because I think it's going to unravel things in Rosewood.

What did you think of Sydney's scenes with Emily this week? I feel like her link to the A-Team is fairly obvious, unless I'm just looking at this from a viewer's perspective. I'm glad Sydney finally slipped up and revealed she knows about New York, but I also feel like she's wearing a huge A on her forehead, come on Emily - duh!

I think it's safe to say that she's part of the "A" Team. She's been sighted with Mona and Jenna -- that's enough to point fingers at her right now. She basically manipulated Hanna into spilling her dirty little secrets, and she's befriending Emily for information. I think she's trying to get justice for Jenna for some reason, but I can't place their relationship just yet. I can't quite figure out what her purpose is in Rosewood, but I know it's not a good one.

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