08/08/2014 09:46 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pretty Little Liars 509: "March of Crimes"

Every week tvtag pairs up with Jaymie Bailey, founder of All Things PLL, to discuss the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars -- so mind the spoilers ahead if you haven't seen "March of Crimes" yet!

VB: Even though more questions hang in the air, we get a few answers this week that help put some pieces together.

JB: The girls are definitely putting some pieces together, and we're finally getting some answers even if they are small ones!


What do you think of Emily and Spencer finally learning the truth about Sydney?

The truth about Sydney is a truth I've wanted to know for a while. She just pops up in Rosewood and has no backstory, but now we know she is definitely connected to Jenna and I think it's in a pretty significant way. She seems very protective of Jenna, and she seems to be there for Jenna emotionally. Sydney helped her through a rough time when Alison left her with threats. She's stood by her side ever since.

The story Sydney told Emily also seemed pretty legitimate. For the most part I believe her, but I think there is something she's still hiding. She knows more than she's telling Emily, but the girls can't really blame her for standing up for a friend. That's what the Liars should have been doing all along.

Totally! I really want to discuss how ridiculously unsupportive the Liars have been of Hanna, but I'm still hung up on the Jenna/Sydney thing. Are they the rumored twins we keep hearing about or is it a coincidence they look uncannily similar?

There were TWO Jennas in this week's episode! They were even dressed alike. However, I don't think it's going to be that easy. I don't think the writers are going to show us these two people who look extremely similar, who dress exactly the same and actually have them be twins.

But Rosewood is never as it seems. I think Jenna may be using Sydney as a "twin" since they look so much alike, and she may be Jenna's eyes around Rosewood. The Jenna/Sydney twin-theory makes complete sense, but I still think Bethany is someone's twin sister. Melissa's going to spill the beans about what she knows about the night Alison went missing, so if Bethany does have a twin, that may be a big reveal the fans are getting soon!

Talking about "big reveals:" Noel Kahn may finally be breaking ranks! After five seasons of having Ali's back, he's finally worried she could betray him. What do you think of Noel's actions tonight? How scary was his run-in with Spencer?!?

Noel was extremely creepy in this episode. He was sitting alone in his car listening to an incriminating audio of Alison, and he followed Spencer to get his stuff back. I can't really blame Noel for wanting some insurance since Alison does have a reputation of using friends and then tossing them aside. But I can blame him for being super creepy and for almost attacking Spencer!

Noel is a key player in this game, and he knows some of Alison's secrets, so I'm hoping he decides to reveal some of the information he knows. Plus, why would Shana give pictures to a blind girl? Just to keep them hidden? We all know that Jenna doesn't do very well with keeping things hidden. So, I think something is off about Noel's story, but we're slowly getting some details about everything going down in Rosewood.

I didn't catch that at all, good question! Shana and Jenna were pretty solid if we go by Shana's claims in the theater. Maybe she needed to hide them and gave them to the girl she trusted the most, regardless of whether or not Jenna could see. Speaking of tight friendships, I saved the best for last: how awesome was Caleb's reaction to Hanna's news about Zack?? And even Aria back-tracked from her deplorable actions last week. So glad her friends finally supported her!

Personally, I loved Caleb's reaction. Kids, violence is never the answer, but Caleb did what every single Pretty Little Liars fan has been wanting to do to Zack since he started hitting on Hanna and cheating on Ella.

However, I will say that I loved Aria's reaction a lot more. She finally questioned herself and thought her friend was actually telling the truth, and she accepted that she was wrong for pointing fingers at Hanna. Not only was Ella suffering, but one of her best friends was suffering, and that's important too. The writers corrected their victim-blaming dilemma, and for that I will always trust them with my favorite show.

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