07/09/2014 03:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Teen Wolf 403: "Muted"

Caution, spoilers ahead if you haven't seen the latest episode of Teen Wolf, "Muted."


This week's episode ensures no one at tvtag is going to sleep for a while and I may or may not have watched the opening sequence from in between my fingers like a small child. But my nerves are somewhat eased by the appearance of Meagan Tandy as Braeden, aka Bounty Hunter-extraordinaire who saved Isaac last season, aka My Favorite Secondary Character. Did anyone else notice a hint of flirtation between her and Derek? My wolf-senses are picking up a potential new couple, and my nerd-senses are already trying to come up with a ship-name. Daeden? Brerek? Berek? This is difficult to decide, I'll need to consult twitter before committing.


Derek is searching for answers about what Kate did to him and how exactly his eyes managed to change from blue back to gold. Has his slate been wiped clean? Did Kate screw with time somehow and reset Derek's past mistake? We were denied answers in favor of other plot-lines this week so we'll have to wait for this reveal.

We're back at school, and this season that means some lacrosse scenes! A return to the field introduces us to new regular Dylan Sprayberry. The Man of Steel actor's character Liam is a transfer-student who almost immediately becomes Scott's rival.


It's hinted that Liam may have been expelled from his previous school and I get the feeling he's not necessarily a bad person but could have made some bad decisions. Scott is forced to bite Liam as a last-resort to keep him from falling from the hospital roof. My first thought is this could possibly bring the Calaveras to the US to punish Scott for biting an innocent - but what if Liam isn't as innocent as Scott assumes?

While Liam's obviously keeping some of his personal life a secret, I was surprised when Sean revealed himself to be less of a victim than we initially believed. His opening scenes are straight out of a horror movie and make your heart ache for this kid. That makes his "I'M SO HUNGRY!!" reveal to Melissa even more chill-worthy.


The Mute basically saves Scott and Liam on the roof before slipping away in fantastically creepy fashion. Whose side is he on? Was it even The Mute who killed Sean's family? What if the opening scene was pulled from Sean's recounting of events later when he was safe at the hospital? Could Sean have killed his family and been interrupted by The Mute before managing to escape? I'm consumed with questions and something tells me next week's "The Benefactor" is only going to create more of them.


Even though it was hilarious, Stiles could never say tooshie again and I'd be okay with that. It sounds so foreign coming out of his mouth, it sounds like "two-shie" and that's just odd.

Man, if it isn't jealous lacrosse captains taking you out its runaway Wendigoes. New-guy Liam really can't catch a break, and I'm not above making an easy pun.

More reasons Teen Wolf's amazing: woven into one of its scariest episodes we were treated to some of its sweetest moments. Scott and Kira's kiss was the stuff of romantic epics and the moment when Stiles realizes Malia's applied his color-coded investigation techniques to her math notes is adorable.

That being said - who uses a dark-red highlighter to study? Really, Teen Wolf-- really?

"Teen Wolf" airs Monday's at 10pm on MTV, images used with express permission.