10/14/2014 10:44 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Walking Dead Expert-Fans Weigh In on Episode 501, 'No Sanctuary'

This week The Walking Dead's fifth season "literally" exploded onto our screens and tvtag has teamed up with some of the most popular TWD experts to bring you all-things "No Sanctuary." Caution: Spoilers ahead if you have yet to watch the premiere.

VB: Let's start with overall reactions. I have to say I think this just might be the best TWD season premiere since the pilot. The entire episode was one nicely wrapped package for fans and provided us some instant answers about how our group was getting out of Terminus and how they would reunite.

Tom Crilly, Co-founder of Educating Nerds and News of the Dead: This is probably the most action-packed episode of TWD to date. The intensity does not give you a chance to settle in your seat with it starting instantly.

Justice Revils, Founder of @StuffThangsTWD: This episode was really fantastic in my opinion, I'll even say best opening episode for TWD, from beginning to the very end. There wasn't a dull moment and the episode was full of surprises! Probably makes it in my top five episodes of The Walking Dead EVER. It had everything you could want in an episode.

VB: It was also full of some amazing and highly-anticipated reunions!

JR: Big Caryl fan here, so to see them reunite-- it really made me happy, and it was long overdue. Also really loved Rick and Carl's reunion with Judith, nice heartfelt moment in the apocalypse.

TC: Besides all the brutality, there was some light in this episode, and that was the reunions. [They were] a warm welcome to our hearts.


VB: In addition to all the insane action, what did you feel were some other big moments for our characters?

JR: Big moment for me is Morgan [returning], really shocked me seeing him at the end. Lennie James is a brilliant actor and as a comic book fan I wonder if he'll find the group and stay with them... and maybe even have a relationship with Michonne.

TC: Most of the biggest moments revolve around Carol. What she does on her own to save the group, some of the strongest people in the Walking Dead universe couldn't do. In Season 1 Carol was known, as the character that was scared of her own shadow, but in Season 5 Carol is probably the strongest character on the show.

VB: Did any of us actually have any disappointments? I was so impressed by this premiere, my only complaint is that 60 minutes isn't enough time with my favorite post-apocalyptic friends.

JR: Not many disappointments for me in this episode. Would've loved to see the new characters a little more, but it's just one episode, we've got all season for that. COMMERCIALS! Way too many, that's the only thing I'll complain about!

VB: Any last words before we all break to go watch "No Sanctuary" again?

JR: One more thing, RICK GRIMES!


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