10/28/2014 05:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

TWD 503: "Four Walls and a Roof" Can't Contain Rick in Beast-Mode

Major spoilers ahead if you haven't seen the latest episode of The Walking Dead, "Four Walls and a Roof."

For Walking Dead fans there's nothing quite like a Beast-Rick appearance and he was in full-effect this week when he finally came up against Gareth and the survivors from Terminus. What follows is one of the most brutal killings in TWD history; maybe not at the "tear a man's throat out with my bare teeth" level, but brutal nonetheless.

I look at Rick, Sasha and Abraham taking out their enemies so violently as weeks of pent-up rage and victimization coming to a head. Given the world our characters live in I didn't find their reaction all that surprising, but some viewers voiced concern for the level of savagery with which our group carries out this task.


Luckily, I've got Justice Revils, founder of @StuffThangsTWD and Tom Crilly, co-founder of Educating Nerds and News of the Dead to discuss their thoughts on this week's episode, "Four Walls and a Roof."

VB: Before we get into that CRAZY scene, let's take a minute to reflect on how incredible Bob's (Lawrence Gilliard, Jr.) send-off was this week. TAINTED MEAT!!

TC: It was inevitable that Bob was going to die, was sad though and Sasha showed emotion and stayed strong, which is what I like about her.

JR: It was a very sad death to say the least! Bob was truly starting to become one of my favorites, and even though he got his leg cut off he stayed positive until the very end. I'll just say It was nice to see Tyresse put Bob down for Sasha.


TC: But at least Bob had the last laugh on Gareth with him saying "Tainted Meat!" and Bob having a peaceful death, unlike Gareth who got chopped up by a Machete.

I think we all knew when Gareth popped his head into that church, demanding those inside surrender, that he was fooling himself if he thought he had the upperhand.

TC: When Gareth and the Hunters arrived at the church I started getting worried for some characters but it was awesome when two of the hunters dropped like flies, (presumably being Sasha who shot them) then Gareth's fingers getting shot off!

JR: BEST SCENE OF THE EPISODE! Rick Grimes will do anything to protect this group now, I love the character he's turned into. Kind of like a character he killed back in Season 2... Robert Kirkman wasn't lying when he said Gareth won't be the main threat in Season 5! Once again best scene, and let's not forget Rick's epic line "I already made you a promise."

TC: Man oh man, Rick Grimes is a machine. A Machine that keeps his promise! He's like a mixture of Hershel and Shane, which is the best thing you need for the group! Bow down before your king.


Thoughts on Abraham and his group leaving for DC with Tara, Glenn and Maggie?

TC: I think Abe rushed into going to DC, yeah definitely go, but as Rick said, if Carol didn't save them they wouldn't be alive to even see outside of Terminus, nevermind DC. Find Carol [first], its much safer for Eugene with 10+ people than five.

JR: The group at the church has become pretty small. I think there's no choice but to go to DC, but they might have another problem on their hands... Who's with Daryl? Where's Carol?

I think that's the biggest question hanging over us this week: what happened to Daryl and Carol when they went looking for Beth?

TC: Daryl is definitely not with Carol in that scene in my opinion. Beth is still at the hospital, maybe Carol's also been taken?

JR: I've heard all kinds of theories from fans on this one: "Morgan holding Carol at gunpoint," "Carol was hit by a car," "Carol was captured," "New character Noah," and even "Carol and Zombie Beth."

Who knows? We most likely won't find out until episode five or six, as four looks to be only a Beth episode... My prediction is Carol was captured along with Beth, somehow new character Noah escapes, and he and Daryl go back and gather the group and go DESTROY this place! Now that would be awesome.

Both Rick AND Daryl going into full-on Beast Mode together? Sign me up!


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