08/22/2012 12:06 pm ET Updated Oct 22, 2012

Loose Lips Sink Ships & Hopefully Akin's Is Sunk

Politics and I are friendly foes. Debates, elections and how our country works are things I love to talk about. I toyed with being a lobbyist or a lawyer, but obviously I went a different route. Lately, I find my own political agenda changing, due to the change I would like to see in the world. I have tried to stay pretty neutral in this presidential election. Obama is the candidate I plan to vote for, so I did not need to really look at other candidates, but after these last comments from Akin and other GOP politicians on rape, women's rights and women's reproductive rights, I can no longer stay quiet.

Legitimate rape? Apparently this is a man who has never been sexually violated in his life. If he had been, he would not make comments like this. I wonder what he would say to his daughter, wife, mother or sister if they came home after being raped. Would he comfort them, or would he interrogate them to find out if what had happened to them was legitimate rape? If any of those women became pregnant, would he make them keep it? Or would he call them a dirty liar because their body kept the rape semen rather than rejecting it, like he knows a woman's body will?

Part of what horrifies me about this is that our culture has come so far when it comes to talking about rape and helping victims of rape, and all this did was set us backwards. All this tells me is that there are people who still believe rape doesn't happen, that victims are overreacting and no one should ever get an abortion. I know that Akin wishes he could turn the clock back and take back that statement. Not because he didn't mean it, but, I believe, because of the damage that sentence heard round the world did to his political career. I think he believes what he is saying. I think he honestly believes it, and I guarantee you there are a lot of folks who believe it right there with him. That frightens me more than words can ever tell you.

I am a sex writer in San Francisco. I understand that I live in a bubble, and I live in one for a reason. They say people come to San Francisco because they want to live in a place where people have an open mind. They call us hippies, liberals, communists, but I call them uninformed. I am afraid for our country if the GOP ends up winning this presidential election. We are a nation divided by many issues, abortion being a core one. All of this talk about women's rights, women's bodies and the fact that the laws that will govern them are being created by men, ones who don't know how women's bodies work, scares the piss out of me and most women in this country.

This man's comments on rape were really about abortion. They were offensive across the board, but essentially his gripe was with abortion. He wants the laws changed to make it harder for women to get abortions, and he is willing to make a statement like that in order to further his cause.

Putting a law up banning abortion is not going to save lives. It will help to end them. All these laws do is create ways for people to harm themselves, because unwanted pregnancy is going to happen. Why not keep people safe and allow people to make their own choices?

And as far as the comments on rape go, there is no legitimate or illegitimate rape. There is simply rape -- a horrible crime about power that scars people for the rest of their lives. I am sure that Mr. Akin will live with the repercussions of those off-the-cuff remarks, but there are more Akins out there, and they will get better speech writers and debate experts so that comments like this aren't made. But make no mistake, the agenda is always the same. So, thank you, Mr. Akin, for being so offensive that you shook some people awake who may have been on the fence about who to vote for.