08/22/2013 12:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 People Who Annoy You on Facebook

Do people annoy you on Facebook? Would you issue them a social citation? is going to help you stop the annoying people on Facebook...or at least send them a warning. Please Stop No Seriously Stop It is hoping to combat the epidemic of excessive posting, TMI, PDA and public complaining that clog up newsfeeds and timelines. As they say, "Let's take a stand against those who pollute our feeds with nonsense."

Here are 10 of their social citations for annoying social network behavior:

1. Excessive Posting

You know the excessive poster -- you can't miss them. They. post. all. the. time. And tell you every frickin' thing they do. Does anyone care what you had for breakfast? I think not.

2. Old People Misusing FB

Why does my mom always sign her Facebook posts "Love, Mom" as if I can't see her photo, name and link back to her profile. How many times do I have to explain to my elders that my wall is not private -- please stop posting about your doctor's appointments!


3. Excessive PDA

If I can see your tongue in your picture, please do not post it. If I can see your hand on her butt, please do not post it. If I have to look at one more picture of you cuddling over breakfast, I might lose my breakfast.

4. Nonsense Posting

I'm all for text lingo and abbreviations. But sometimes I have no idea what these posters are talking about. You may as well have written that in wingdings. It makes zero sense.


5. TMI

Hemorrhoids? Your new baby's poop consistency? Your birth plan? Too Much Information. Share on a private tumblr.

6. Excessive Location Sharing

Either you're trying to attract a stalker or you're trying to level up in some bizarre video game version of your life. Thanks for alerting us of your stops at the taxidermist, foot massage kiosk, psychic, cactus nursery and restroom.


7. Bragger

We get it. Your life is so much better than ours! Please tell me about the awards you won in Little League and your honorary mention from your 5th grade poetry contest.

8. Shirtless Selfie

Please, put on a shirt. Last time I checked, the Matthew McConaughey club had a membership of one. And, yes, we know you are flexing (and have added self tanning lotion to your abs).


9. Excessive Hashtag

#please #stop #no #seriously #stop #it

10. Nonsensical Inspirational Quote

"Tis the privilege of friendship to quote nonsense and have unto you friends who may discredit such nonsense and here unto do onto others thou may hath blessed feelings bird in the bush or change the world if careful what you wish for by the power vested in me shut up."

Do you have the courage to stop the social ineptitude?