12/20/2012 01:02 pm ET Updated Feb 19, 2013

Use an Anti-Charity to Kick Start Your New Year's Resolutions


New Years is fast approaching, which means that everyone is gearing up to sit down to write their resolutions for 2013. Unfortunately, most of us aren't usually too successful at sticking to our year-end goals.

So, how can you approach New Year's resolutions differently this year? Try using an anti-charity.

Anti-Charity: An organization that supports a cause you do not believe in or is against your values.

People use all different kinds of motivations to get themselves to achieve their goals, like getting rewards and money incentives. Most motivation behaviors are rewards for achievement, but what if there was a punishment for not achieving your goals? Enter the anti-charity. The less you believe in the cause, the harder you'll work to succeed at your goal!

If you do not think your previous year's motivators worked, try implementing an anti-charity system into your resolution schedule. Here is how it works:

1. Think of areas in your life where you want to improve.

2. Make a goal with a measurable outcome -- like wanting to lose 10 pounds, save $1,000 dollars or get to the gym twice per week.

3. Have someone keep you accountable. You can ask a friend to be your keeper or use a website like, which will keep track of goals for you.

4. Pick an anti-charity. It should be an organization that you would do anything not to support. has a list of the popular anti-charities on their website.

5. Decide how much you will give to your anti-charity if you don't hit your goals. Also decide when this kicks in.

Now, you have some real motivation to achieve your goals! Pair the anti-charity approach with the feeling of success and you will have a much better chance of knocking those New Year's resolutions off the to do list.

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