Four Fantastic Ways to Make the Most of Spring Break

Spring break season is upon us and while many a college undergrad may be looking for "fun in the sun." High achieving college students (and their parents) may be thinking more along the lines of how to use this time to get a leg up on spring semester. So what's a high achiever to do?

1. Earn extra money to pay for college. Did you know 68 percent of students graduate with some form of student debt? The average student loan debt reached a new high in 2012 of nearly $30,000, according to the Institute for College Access and Success. The sooner you can pay off that debt, the better off you'll be. Even temp work for a week can give you some extra cash.

2. Maximize an internship. So, you were lucky enough to score an internship -- fantastic. And while many employers are used to their valued interns giving them a "head's up" that they will be "out" during spring break, how awesome would it be for the one intern who says, "I'd like to stick around and use the opportunity to tackle some additional or different projects?" What the what? It's a fantastic chance to set yourself apart. Especially if you're interning at a company or organization where you'd really be interested in working after you graduate.

3. Join the campaign trail. A lot of candidates are in primary elections in the spring and need help getting out the vote. Volunteering is a great way to learn how democracy works and meet people who can help launch a career in politics.

4. Alternative spring break. These opportunities have gained in popularity over the years. Students can travel abroad or stay more local but the core theme is using your spring break to be of service to others. Using this time can create a fantastic service learning experience that can build a collegiate resume, while helping students form new connections with other alternative spring breakers that they may not have run into on campus.

No matter how you decide to spend your spring break, be sure to make the most of it, be safe and have fun!