07/17/2012 08:14 am ET Updated Sep 16, 2012

25 European Travel Ideas For Summer 2012 (PHOTOS)

Europe is a constellation of dream destinations that provides travelers with the opportunity to explore many vastly different cultures, cuisines and landscapes without spending too much time in transit between cities. This summer, as the continent's economies stumble forward and eagerly welcome visitors, may be the perfect time to visit.

The most difficult part of your grand tour this summer will likely be deciding where to go -- and whether or not you want to brave the Olympic hubbub. Here are a few suggestions that should help you find excitement, art and, yes, a little romance on the road.

From world famous French vineyards to the amazing Italian countryside, the top of Switzerland to the castles of Germany, here are the top 25 things to do in Europe this summer.

-- Viator Travel Team