12/23/2010 01:17 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Hunger During The Holidays

For most people, the holidays present us with a time for celebration and for reflection upon the people and good things we have in our life. I must admit that I have been blessed with a loving family, many true friends, a prosperous career, and a happy outlook.

And during the holidays, we are more keenly aware of the inequity of bounty that life bestows: the homeless man crossing the street with dozens of holiday shoppers; a woman, in a grocery store where others are buying holiday specialties, who has to put back chicken or milk because each is a luxury that she cannot afford.

The holiday spirit inspires us help others who may have fewer things in their lives for which to be grateful. And so, we donate, volunteer and advocate for policies that help the hungry and bring attention to the problem of hunger in America.

My heart breaks when I hear stories from people who can't afford to feed their families, like David, a single father of a 9-year-old boy who has been struggling since he lost his job as an executive recruiter. He tells us that he had no money and no food and that his electricity is about to be turned off. His son's Christmas would be spent sitting in a darkened house.

For David's and 17 million other families struggling through their own personal economic crises, hunger always looms, but during this festive season, it hurts that much more. Perhaps this is the year in which there will be no tree, no presents, no feast with friends and relatives. There may not even be any food left in the pantry to feed their families.

This year, you can help by taking part in Feeding America's Hunger-Free Families campaign and help raise awareness about domestic hunger. All you have to do is "Tell 10" of your friends, colleagues or relatives about the 17 million families in America who struggle with hunger. That's it. That's all we ask.

Of course, you may choose to do more to help the families facing hunger in your own community. Visit to find your local food bank and ask them how you can make a difference this season and throughout the year.

Feeding America wishes you all a happy holiday and new year. May we truly embrace the spirit of the season by sharing it with those who need it.