05/31/2014 06:31 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

An Open Letter to Florida's Attorney General

Dear State Attorney General Pam Bondi,

I am sure this will be difficult for someone with flawless teeth to hear, but you are a bigot. I could not think of anything more intelligent to call someone who thinks she is so entitled to oppose LGBT rights. So there you have it.

Many in the GOP say that we homosexuals are waging a war on the family and maybe we are. However, this war is not within the context you provide. We are fighting a war to keep our families together.

This may not be the opinion of some in Florida. Once, as I was traveling through your state, I stopped off in a more rural area to pick up some cheesy trinkets. The female attendant and her husband were talking at my boyfriend and me.

The man said, "Look, there are some faggots."

His wife replied, "At least they are nice faggots."

I wondered what the couple would have done if they visited South Florida, a mecca of gay life and culture that is only seconded by cities like West Hollywood or New York's Greenwich Village. The same couple would most likely have issues if a black person were to walk into their establishment. It is purely ignorant thinking to continue to use "othering" as a way to operate both socially and legally. We know which side you are on. But it is not too late to change your bigoted ways.

There are many homosexual couples in your state who have raised families. They have seen their babies grow up to graduate high school and college. These are folks who work in all areas of society and give back to the communities they live in. These folks pay taxes and contribute in all levels of society. Their homosexuality should not challenge the sanctity of your own sacred marriages. I should also note that biblical love has not served you very well. Your heteronormative world was still shattered in divorce twice. Why should you be allowed the benefit of marriage when you cannot keep your crap together? Meanwhile those who love their same sex are denied the same legal rights.

Simply put, we homosexuals are faced with the greatest civil rights battle of our time. Although we have not completely mastered the idea of equal rights among women and minorities, our battle to be recognized as human beings and citizens of this country has just started.

What is most shocking is the archaic doctrine you follow in order to discriminate. We will have our rights, no matter how long it takes. History will remember you for the bigoted ignorance you continue to display. You would deny equal citizens of your fine State the tools they need in order to enjoy the same benefits that you take for granted.

Shame on you. History will be your judge. It will treat you with the same reckless abandon with which you have treated our people. The only difference between the two is that the judgement against your actions will be just.

It is only a matter of time.