06/01/2015 10:19 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

You Can Do Amazing Things With Software

Why does software matter?

As new technological advances propel us forward, it's easy to take for granted the growing role software is playing for all of us.

Today's software functions so consistently and seamlessly, we sometimes don't even realize the many ways it's improving our daily lives. Yet it is at the very heart of innovation all around us.

Fundamentally, software is revolutionizing the way we live our lives.

We want to spotlight the countless ways people use software to do amazing things and to help change our world for the better.

With software:

  • Teachers are connecting classrooms with real-time "student pen-pals" around the globe.
  • Doctors are saving more premature babies than ever before.
  • Engineers are making buildings and bridges safer and stronger -- and more beautiful.
  • Astronauts are pushing the limits of what we know about our galaxy.
  • World-class athletes and novice runners are maximizing their workouts and nutrition.
  • Parents can talk to their children face-to-face in any part of the world.

And the great news? Something even more exciting than the progress above is the enormous potential for us all to do even greater things with software in the days to come. What makes software so extraordinary is how you, the user, are putting it to use. We can all be innovators.

You can do amazing things with software. You already are. It's today's reality, and our daily lives are all the better for it.

Software: Bridging Imagination

We are excited to spread this message, so central to so many lives today. But the dialogue shouldn't stop there. Use #WithSoftware to tell us about the many ways big and small that you're using software to make your life better.

We hope you'll learn more about the truly amazing things you can do with software at We see such infinite promise in the future, and hope you do, too.