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5 Ways Little Kids Are Like Hippies

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In general, being an adult means taking on responsibility. It also involves adhering to a certain level of appropriate behavior at home and in public. Kids, on the other hand, are blank slates. Decorum? Nope. Rules? No thanks. Fun? Yes please, and keep it coming. They thrive on new experiences and revel in the joy of it all. Freedom, baby. Pure unADULTerated freedom. That's their credo. Little kids are like natural-born hippies. Don't believe me? Check out my list of 5 things that prove it.

1. Open door policy for the bathroom.
Moms and dads seeking privacy when doing nature's business can just forget about it. Kids will read, sing and ask you a zillion questions including the status of your bodily output. Unless you lock the door, they're coming in full throttle. Count on it.

2. Running around naked.
Little kids hate wearing clothes. Being naked equals feeling groovy! They have no inhibitions and will run, skip, jump and shake their bongos with delirious glee. But what about eating snacks at the table while naked? "Bunnies don't put on pants to eat!" (Actual quote from my own kid.) Overall, this should be no surprise. Just try getting an infant to keep her socks on for more than 10 minutes.

3. Utensils have no meaning at the dinner table.
You've shown them how to use a fork or spoon. Yet the little buggers much prefer scooping up a pile of rice using their hands because "I can fit more in my mouth!" Or slurping in bowls of spaghetti noodle by noodle with their heads craned back like hungry baby birds. They also believe eating to be an extreme version of family-style, in which everyone's plate of food is fair game. "Can I eat that?"

4. Group baths.
Little kids don't like the idea of bathing to get clean. To them, being dirty just translates into time well spent. Yet toss in the idea of another little kid (their brother or sister) joining them in the tub and suddenly it becomes a party... a splash party. Mom or dad's best efforts to remain dry will be as futile as trying to stop a tidal wave with an umbrella.

5. Sleeping anywhere, anytime.
When little kids get tired, they just knock out. It doesn't matter where they are, either. I've personally witnessed my own children fall asleep in cars, trains, planes and buses. They've also nodded off at restaurants, sporting events, movie theaters, parks, churches and parties. In addition, sleep can be had on the nearest floor, the arm of a couch, and, of course, on the nearest parent. Time of day has no relevance. Sleep happens when it just feels right. Bohemians.

What do you think? Am I right or completely wrong or maybe somewhere in between? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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