03/21/2014 04:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Abandoned Hotel Becomes a Temporary Street Art Gallery

Somewhere deep in the U.K. is an abandoned hotel. While busy wasting away in the foggy land, a collective group of street artists decided it should serve as their next temporary canvas. Creating an "alternative art gallery," the artists painted their works throughout the 10 story building. In the process, debris were cleared for walkways and it became a nice space for locals to explore and see the various works.

Unfortunately, the local authorities didn't possess the same level of art appreciation as those going in, so they went in and did their own painting -- right over the works -- and closed the gates. Luckily for urban photographer Gaz Mather, he captured the place before they disappeared.

Written by Shawn Saleme, for

via uecriticalmass