03/15/2013 01:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

If We Cut Back on Bottled Water, Coffee, Cigarettes and Gambling, We Could Fund All New Startups for the Next 7 Years

Lavish figures and big time claims, but the numbers that appear in iCrowd's latest infographic are hard to ignore -- apparently if coffee drinkers reallocated just 10 percent of their spending on coffee to Investment Crowdfunding, it could fund 66,000 startups and create roughly 400,000 jobs.

According to the graphic, 100 million Americans spend an average of $164.71 on coffee each year -- a number that's probably bolstered pretty heavily by working business folk, which make the statistics that much more engaging. The piece goes on to make similar correlations with Bottled Water, Cigarettes and Gambling. For example, if we bought two fewer bottles of water each month, we could fund 106,000 new startups and create 600,000 jobs -- and arguably save the environment a little too.

Here's a complete look at the data surrounding small businesses and the hypothetical funding that could occur if we spent less on nonessential items: