12/11/2013 03:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Visualizing the Mindset of the Consumer (Infographic)

According to a most recent study and infographic from SAP there are 2.4 billion ongoing, brand-related conversations among American consumers, daily.

This level of customer-brand conversation is unparalleled, and SAP's visualization aims to showcase that customers can be much more integrated into a brand's marketing model. With proper interaction, customers could morph into brand ambassadors, PR allies in times of struggle and lead-gen resources over time.

From the research highlighted below, apparently 59 percent of customers are willing to try new brands to get better customer service. These figures serve as a reminder how fickle a brand's customer can be if the overall experience isn't strong enough to monopolize their attention. The SAP graphic below also notes that in order to stay relevant you'll need to connect with your customers earlier to help shape their vision of your company as a whole.

Here's a complete look at SAP's visualization on customer engagement:


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