02/11/2011 07:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

George Clooney and Nicholas Kristof Take Malaria Questions From Readers

Two of my favorite leading men got together and brought the issue of malaria-related deaths to the forefront. George Clooney (who recently contracted malaria for the second time while working in the Sudan) and Nicholas Kristof (my advocate in shining armor) share their personal experiences with malaria by answering viewer questions in a recent New York Times blog.

Nicholas Kristof reaffirms the importance and challenges of using mosquito nets:

"Bed net programs seem very effective, especially when the nets are treated with insecticide. The problem tends to be getting the nets to rural areas and then getting people to use them. The kind of mosquito that carries malaria is normally active only in the evening, when people are in bed, and that's why the nets work so well. But ideally the nets are accompanied by vigorous treatment of suspected cases and also indoor spraying with small amounts of an insecticide like DDT that keeps the mosquitoes out. That combination seems to work very, very effectively, but even net programs alone have resulted in plummeting rates of malaria in some countries recently."


(Photo by Vivian Glyck)

As we have earlier reported to you, there is great news from the World Health Organization about the effectiveness of mosquito nets. In just two years, 578 million (yes, millions!) people in sub-Saharan Africa have been protected by Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets (ITMN).

With as little as $100, Just Like My Child can help protect 30 people from malaria through our net-distribution program. Your donation doesn't go to a large organization that uses a portion of your funds to protect children from malaria. We purchase the nets ourselves and make sure they go to the families who need them most. Please donate here

See the full conversation with George Clooney and Nicholas Kristof here.