03/15/2012 09:52 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Four Women Art Collectives Empowering the Community

By Kamren Curiel

I dedicate this AMP piece to Women's History Month, which celebrates the positive contributions of women throughout the month of March. There are so many dope women doing amazing things in our community, so I decided to highlight a few collectives here. Check them out:

Ovarian Psychos: "Sometimes our ovarian cycles make us turn into ovarian psychos," says the Ovarian Psychos site. Quite possibly the coolest collective ever, this all-female L.A.-based bicycle brigade hosts monthly "Luna Rides" to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health through cycling. Combining feminist ideals with an indigenous understanding of urban/hood issues, Ovarian Psychos is every woman's answer to that time of the month.

Mex and the City: Tastemakers Marina Garcia-Vasquez, Iris Avelar, Ruby Vizcarra and Erika Mercado created Mex and the City as a passion project a couple years ago to promote the artistic efforts of the growing Mexican population in NYC. Today, it's grown beyond a blog and into a budding creative consultant agency that hosts events, develops cultural initiatives, and curates galleries. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Mujeres de Maiz: This diverse network of visual and performing Chicana/Latina artists took root in 1997 in Highland Park as a one-night exhibit and performance event. It grew into a grassroots poetry and art zine showcasing the work of Alma Lopez, Paulina Sahagun, Martha Gonzalez of East Los band Quetzal, and Xicana spoken word and song collective In Lak Ech (above). Mujeres de Maiz hosts a plethora of Women's History events this month, including film screenings, holistic health workshops, and art exhibits.

Más Rudas: This multimedia San Antonio, Texas-based Chicana art collective formed to represent the multitude of Chicanisma within the community. The purpose of Más Rudas is to create dialogue about social awareness, document different perspectives, and bring new forms of contemporary Chicana aesthetics into the conversation through art.  

To get involved with Voto Latino, sign up here