09/03/2014 06:01 pm ET Updated Nov 03, 2014

Rachel Zenzinger Deserves to Return to Colorado State Senate

I had the opportunity to talk with Colorado State Senator Rachel Zenzinger. A little on the background of Senate District 19. After some very partisan recall elections in Colorado. She stepped in for the former Senator who graciously resigned.

But as you hear in this interview, Rachel Zenzinger is no mere office placeholder, she has the experience, enthusiasm and most importantly a history of bi-partisan achievement -- something this state needs more of at the Capitol.

Here is a clip on that bi-partisanship experience.

Question: What do you bring from your experience on the City Council (of Arvada) and as the Mayor Pro-Tem?

I think I brought with me to the State Legislature a really collaborative spirit. One of the reputations that the State Legislature has is that nobody works together. Working in a non-partisan election and politics, I really have an ability to work across the aisle, because there was no such thing as an aisle. Working with my colleagues both Democrats, Republicans, and Independents and I really felt like I brought that experience and background with me to the State Capitol.

I am very proud to say that I have a 100 percent bi-partisan record down at the Capitol and I hope to continue to be collaborative and work across the aisle.

There also needs to be real insight and leadership on Education issues.

I believe that Rachel's experience in Education will continue to bring Colorado forward.

Question: Why is Education important to the people of your district and Jefferson County?

I am very excited to talk about Education. Education is my passion and my profession. I am a former Teacher. I also had the privilege to be on the Senate Education Committee.... I think that having that having a good strong Public Education system is the foundation, the basis, for our Democratic Society. In the last 2 years I worked at Regis University in the Masters of Arts and Education program, and my focus was on Teacher leadership. I really feel one of the untapped resources we have in our schools are the leadership capacities of our Teachers.

Here is the extended interview:

Question: Senator Zenzinger, what the issues that you feel are most important for this campaign and in this District?

The three issues I am mainly focused on while working at the state legislature are the same issues I hear when I am knocking on doors, and that's really what I call the three E's -- education, the economy and the elderly. So I am going to keep focusing on those 3 areas because I know that is what is important to my voters here in this district.

Question: How do you plan to use your experience to move the State forward?
I think that voters should elect me because I understand the issues that mean the most to them, good schools, a strong economy with plenty of good jobs, and the needs of our seniors.
I really think that I am the candidate that will get real results.

I couldn't agree more. In a time when divisive issues and campaigns are all too common, Colorado needs a legislator with experience for the challenges we face, and who has a real history of collaboration and Bi-partisanship to move our District and our State forward.

And that's not just me talking -- typically Republican leaning groups like Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry and the North Metro Chamber of Commerce have endorsed Rachel Zenzinger.

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