09/19/2014 01:51 pm ET Updated Nov 18, 2014

The Green Beer Fest Celebrates Clean Water for Colorado Craft Brews

The 2nd Annual Green Beer Fest is coming to the Boulder Bandshell Amphitheater on Saturday September 27,2014 from 2-10pm.

This is not just any beer festival, this is an environmentally themed festival with an emphasis on Water conservation for the Beer industry.

The designated beneficiary is the Colorado Ocean Coalition which was formed in 2011 to raise awareness about preserving the Ocean. I spoke to Vicki Nichols Goldstein who founded the Colorado Ocean Coalition (COCO).

Here is the extended interview with Vicki on the Colorado Ocean Coalition:

In 2011 we incorporated under the Ocean Foundation.... This year we started the Ocean Ambassadors certification program that we launched this year with the support of the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation and that allows us to train a whole cadre of volunteers who can then go out in the community and share the knowledge of Ocean Conservation.
We also started 'Blue the Dive' - Believe it or not Colorado has more certified Scuba divers than any other state.
We're partnering with the different dive shops to get a conservation voice from that group of people who are saying we see the Ocean underwater, we see decline the demise, and we want to unify to do something about that.

The Green Beer Fest was also featured on the Colorado Craft Beer Show with John Turk and Nicol the Thirsty German

Music Line up includes
Flynn and Company,
Two Girls with Guitars,

Foxfeather, and
Dan Treanor and Afrosippi with Erica Brown.

The Festival also features BEER!
There are unlimited beer cups for sale $20 in advance, $25 the day of the event and these are the tasty Brews you can look forward to having.
Asher Brewing,
J. Wells Brewery,
Sanitas Brewery, and
Upslope Brewery.

For tickets to celebrate good beer and great music and to help raise awareness about Water conservation