07/11/2013 11:00 am ET Updated Sep 10, 2013

Let's Equip Egypt's Youth

29 months after our first revolution, as I write this, one thing comes to my mind.

"I am a very proud Egyptian." Let me explain to you why.

I run Google in North Africa, so I work in the business of information. In fact I organize it, making it universal and accessible for a living. We do this in a region of 200 million people, in which 144 million of them are under the age of 30, in which technologies like YouTube are growing 100% year after year, and in which tens of millions of young people have hungry dreams to make something out of themselves, just like I did.

I am a product of the Egyptian education system, having graduated with a computer engineering degree from Cairo University in 1989. I was lucky that my father invested in my education; I went to different schools in different cities around the world, I have seen different cultures, made different mistakes, and realized that the only way to grow in this day and age is by knowing more, working harder, being humble and accepting others.

I believe that knowledge is a fundamental human right; it transcends all boundaries, and wins all arguments - political, social, cultural and economic. I am a practicing Muslim, but that is between me and God. I believe that information is like oxygen and should be available to everyone equally. I also believe in free market economies, but with a social flavor. Finally, I believe in transparency and rule of law. We have tasted nothing of those values for a long time until a mere three hours ago.

The young people of Egypt have spoken and have mobilized everyone. We deserve better leaders, better systems, and better politicians. We have no time to waste and we are working hard towards the future.

Our youth need to be equipped better using the latest technologies of education. Millions of people might not have had the chance for a good education. Guess what - it's not too late. You can still be employed if you learn some minor skills. You can still have dignity and make something out of yourself.

I carry two things in my heart for the tens of millions of Egyptian people: Education and Employment. I pledge to the young people of Egypt that I will work as hard as I can to offer both to you. Education and Employment, Education for Employment.

I don't wish to discuss the past. I wish to focus on these two pillars alone, for these two pillars will move us from knowers to learners, from complacent to curious. Egypt will always be blessed as long as we keep Education and Employment as important as ever.