01/11/2012 02:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ten Crazy Things You Can Do for the Ocean


1. Approach that complete stranger with the reusable bag, water bottle or cup, say, "Thank you," and give them a blue marble.

2. Be Paul Watson for Halloween and hip-check anyone who eats endangered ocean wildlife.

3. Walk backwards at work for one whole day and explain how backwards our use of fossil fuels is.

4. Attach "" stickers to menus in restaurants that serve cheap, ocean-wrecking seafood.

5. Call your representatives and tell them emphatically that you love the ocean. You really, really love the ocean!

6. Find someone who has never ever seen the ocean and take them to see it, hear it, taste it, smell it and get IN it.

7. For one week, listen solely to the sounds of surf and whale songs. No NPR, no Lady Gaga, no Glenn Beck.

8. Adopt the green turtle diet. Eat only sea grass and algae for as long as you can stand it, or as long as your loved ones tolerate you.

9. Fist bump Ted Danson next time you seem him, in real life or on tv.

10. Open your windows and sing John Denver's "Calypso" at the top of your lungs, especially that yodel-eeee part!