02/05/2014 10:17 am ET Updated Apr 07, 2014

Trend Alert: Go for the Gold

This post is co-authored by Simone Forsberg

Unless you are finding yourself in sunny Southern California, we are all impatiently awaiting the return of blissful warmth and golden sunshine. Thankfully, spring is around the corner and gold is in the air! From Oscar statues to Olympic medals, gold is trending.

As we ring in the trends of this year's spring fashion, gold is catching our eyes. It brings out a certain natural regality, vivacity and self-assuredness in whoever wears it, and has a particular head-turning subtlety. Ranging in hues from subdued white to charming rose and classic yellow, gold caters to various personalities and wardrobe color schemes, yet all the while emanating a luxurious glow. In all it's versatility, gold can be classic, exotic, daring, or delicate, and whether worn from head to toe -- as seen on the ever-so-elegant Academy Award Nominee Cate Blanchett in Vogue's January 2014 issue -- or as a simple accoutrement, let gold be your go-to this season.

Interior design is also experiencing a trend towards gold this year as a contrasting offset to the blank canvas of minimalist style. This movement, adopting a renaissance-like quality in the gold embellishments of prints and textiles, infuses the home with the warmth and luminance that gold has to offer. Color is making its way back into the modern home as well, and as gold is the perfect compliment to a wide range of hues, this multi-talented shade proves itself, yet again, very versatile indeed. The staff at Elle Décor highlight this "gleaming, glittering, and totally glamorous" trend noting that "this precious color adds sparkle to any setting."

Gold is making a stately appearance in the aesthetic world, and that of fine paper is no exception. There is a particular and collective draw to gold embellishments; the subtle gleam is intriguing, tantalizing and somehow revitalizing. Traditional wedding invitations have taken a refreshing turn for the century with gold-engraved accents adding an alluring yet classic twist to one of life's most important invites. Further, wrapped in delicate gold twine and sealed in rich, gold wax creates for a stunning piece of art that invites intrigue to the wedding ceremony itself and a deep appreciation for the attention to detail. As personal stationery and calling cards reclaim their thoughtful positions in our fast-paced, digital society, something extraordinary is in need. An eye-catching yet understated gold, beveled edge implies the perfect amount of sophistication and confidence to make a memorable impression and guarantee that phone call you are after.

Gold is at the pinnacle of the metallic color scheme this season as we welcome the sunshine of spring. Be it a floor length gown, a party invitation, or a prize winning medal, gold is looking especially good lately. So, go for the gold.