06/18/2012 03:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Hollywood Ending For the Deficit? Steve Brodner Video

In "A Brodner Minute," Steve Brodner's animated video series for The Washington Spectator, the illustrator skewers the 2012 candidates and other targets. Here, Brodner envisions key elements of the deficit debate -- including the sequester rule and the Simpson-Bowles act -- as the plot of a very Washingtonian disaster movie. Grover Norquist has a leading role, but there are cameos for Homer Simpson, ovine Democrats, George W. Bush, and even Kim Kardashian.

Steve Brodner, award-winning political satirist, has been skewering the famous and infamous for the past three decades. His artwork has appeared in most major publications in the United States, and he has produced animation for The New Yorker, PBS, and Slate as well as for The Washington Spectator. He lives and draws in New York City; his website is Watch all the videos in his series "A Brodner Minute" here.