05/16/2009 06:10 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Top 10 Yoga Twitter Tweeters (Who You Should Follow)

I've only been on Twitter for say five months...and it took me the first few months--until I started using Tweetdeck (advice and link here)--to get Twitter.

For those of you who are still holding back from this latest greatest fastest virtual communications tool, I say: go for it. Take the plunge. If I offered you a free way to communicate with your community in real-time, you wouldn't say 'No.' That's all Twitter is. Forget the hype--especially if you're a local retail or service-focused business.

Twitter helps me network, share my work, learn about cool news, local specials and activities. I just got named a Top Ten Green Tweeter Worth Following--a nice honor that inspired me to write the below Top Ten Yoga Tweeters, because, after all, we here @elephantjournal don't just focus on Green, or any one thing for that matter--we focus on anything that "can help you to live a good life that also happens to be good for others, and our planet."

Anyways: favorite useful yoga-savvy tweeters...follow the below twitstars, and if you feel you ought to be followed, or if I forgot one of your favorite yoga tweeters, just add the Twitter id (@blanketyblank) in the Comments section in the bottom.

I get enough comments on one in particular, I'll add you to the Top 10 list (and kick one of the other worthies out).

yoga twitter

0. Yours truly, @elephantjournal, focuses on "the mindful life" generally. So while we're not a dedicated top yoga tweeter, we do offer some fun, interesting interviews, articles...most recently an interview at our Walk the Talk Show with John Friend of Anusara, an article about Yoga for Basketball, and a review of a yoga DVD for plus size yogis and yoginis. Okay, on your mats, get set, breathe...


1. @yogadork has got to be number one--they're fun, personal, care and know about yoga.

2. Yogadork likes @YogaHeals

3. I like @yoga_journal, obvious but strong twitterer.

4. @davekennedy he's a great mensch, a dedicated yogi behind prAna

5. @yogabear

6. @lotuspad

7. @presentjoyoga

8. @aredlotus

9. @IntegralHack

10. @yogitechchick is super sweet and networking savvy, active, totally worth the follow.

Spinal Tap Honorary Number Eleven: @gaiam