10/18/2011 04:07 pm ET Updated Dec 18, 2011

The President And Local Icelanders Invite Visitors Into Their Homes (VIDEO)

While most tourism boards attempt to craft clever promotions to lure travelers, there's nothing like seeing actual residents opening their doors and inviting you to experience their home in a unique way. It's sincere and it's welcoming. It makes you want to visit. So that's what Iceland is doing, as Huffington Post Travel reported last Tuesday.

The country's Inspired by Iceland campaign brilliantly brings together local residents -- including the president and other government officials -- to send a simple message: "Come to our home and let us show you what Iceland has to offer."

Last week, President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson kicked off the campaign by inviting tourists into his home for traditional Icelandic pancakes. He's also encouraging citizens to join the movement and invite visitors for an experience unique to Iceland. As Frosti Jonsson who has agreed to open his home says, "We are very proud to be Icelandic and we are very happy to share our way of life and our country's beauty to adventurers that choose to visit us. We want to make their experience as real as possible; we want them to 'be Icelandic' while they're here."

This seems like an awesome way to experience Iceland. Below we've posted the president's invitation along with several other local invites for your viewing pleasure.

'Inspired By Iceland' Invitations
'Inspired By Iceland' Invitations

-- Words by Taj Reid and videos courtesy of Inspired by Iceland. For more travel inspiration visit daily.