02/25/2013 08:57 pm ET Updated Apr 27, 2013

Wanted: Jobs 2013 and Beyond!

Two years ago I asked a friend who worked for Wal-Mart if I could apply for a position I thought all Wal-Mart's, for that matter all businesses, could use. She said she didn't think they were hiring. That wasn't what I had asked.

Often companies themselves don't see what they need. I put together a job description so they could recognize their need and the perfect person to fill it.

Position: Corporate Textnician© -- The Next Evolution in Communication
Salary: $0.25 per text per employee x 2 texts a day x 2.0 million employees

Job Description: To alert and educate employees on, but not limited to, the following items:

• Schedules, schedule changes, open shifts to be filled, breaking news, quotes from the "big wigs" or wysiwyg's, "did you know" facts about the corporate history, corporate people, educational factoids.

• Company news: birthdays, company anniversaries, employees of the month, employee good deeds, company incentives, company promotions.

•Company policy changes, company news, ideas implemented by employees, teaching the corporate language i.e., The Bullpen, Grabbing your Talzon, Working 82.

Advantages: Imagine the power of a personal in-house corporate communication network that is accessible instantly and available to every employee utilizing their cellphones within arms reach. The Corporate Textnician© becomes the backbone and integral component of your company's communication utilizing the technology that was not readily available 10 years ago and that today owns nearly every one of your employees saving you hundreds of millions of dollars in additional tools and training.

Start time: Immediately. Contact Wendy @:

Creating a job for myself -- what is that worth? (Do the math on the possible salary suggested.) There are lots of texters but few have considered making it a way to earn a living. It's such a common thing and everybody does it. OMG! A new possibility of employment born from an idea that went viral with relatively little training and BTW has become such a common way to communicate that kids can text before they can spell and those that can spell often forgo spelling for speed of transmission. LOL.

How many "jobs" are in front of us waiting to be recognized? How many innovative ideas can be turned into big businesses and jobs that we might have been thinking about but too busy to think through? I remember not that long ago looking at the rocks I picked up on my walks and realized someone had created "The Pet Rock" coming from the same ancestral lines as those sitting on my desk. Why didn't I think of that? We all have rocks abound.

There are multimillion-, perhaps billion-dollar businesses and jobs sitting within our minds just waiting to be discovered. Hum... that gets me to thinking ...

Wanted: Thinknician© ...