06/30/2010 03:56 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

5 Tips for a Furtastic 4th

The Fourth of July is a favorite human holiday, characterized by friends, family, food and most of all, fireworks! A great boom heralds dazzling explosions of light as barbequed treats sizzle on the grill. The whole scene is a sensory delight, and naturally many well-intentioned pet parents wish to share the day with the four-legged members of their families. But while July Fourth is pure fun for humans, the sights, sounds and spectacle can be confusing or frightening to our pets whose lacking knowledge of American history leaves them a bit out of the loop concerning this particular celebration. July Fourth isn't for every pet on the block, but Wendy and Lucky are seasoned experts on navigating the great big human world from a pup's-eye view. And they have just the recipe for balancing Fourth of July fun with the comfort and safety of your pet.

1. When it Comes to Pets, Fireworks Just Don't Work!
• Unexplained explosions aren't fun for anyone! Your doggie date is not likely to understand the fun of fireworks. The summer-time sound of sparkling lights popping in the sky may be a relaxing to us, but it will sound like a hostile invasion from all fours.
2. Make your Home as Soothing as Possible for a Lonely Pet
• If you take our advice and leave your pup at your pad, don't forget to account for scary sounds and looming loneliness. Your dog loves nothing more than your company, so while you're out partying for independence, leave a television or radio playing at normal volume to keep him. And make sure that there's nothing prone to doggie destruction within reach of your pet in case they get frightened or frustrated and decide to act out.
3. Know Your Dog; Know Your Vet!
• If you know that your furry friend is prone to panic be sure to consult with your vet before July 4th to discuss methods or medications can alleviate their anxiety.
4. Unattended=Uh-Oh!
• NEVER leave your pet chained, and on the Fourth of July even a fenced in yard won't cut it! If you can hear the festivities from your yard, then it is not the place for your pet. A scared pet is exponentially more likely to escape, or get entangled in their leash or chain. Leaving your pet unattended is taking an unnecessary risk with their lives.
5. Bling out your pet!
• Make sure that your best friend is properly outfitted with tags that clearly designate your pets name, address, and phone number! If lost, a pet wearing proper identification tags has a tremendously greater chance of being reunited with their family than a less effectively outfitted pooch.
• If you find any unidentified pets at-large in your neighborhood be sure to bring them to your local shelter, where they are most likely to be returned to their proper home.

Have a safe, fun, and fulfilling Fourth of July, and after the sun sets and the sparks settle, go home to your pet and celebrate with a nice long cuddle session and a cookie or two.

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