10/26/2011 02:46 pm ET Updated Dec 26, 2011

Don't Let Your Dog Get Spooked! Tips For a Fun and Safe 'Howloween'

Halloween is the perfect occasion to celebrate this silly season with your pet with cute and creative costumes! But before dressing your pooch as Katy Perry, remember that to enjoy the levity and hilarity of the holiday, we have to make our pet's safety a priority. That bra shooting whip cream is not just uncomfortable, it is hazardous, even if your pup is a California Girl and Teenage Dream. Here are several safety tips to ensure that your furry friend does not get spooked! Get dressed as your best GaGa Mutt, True Blood Terrier or Snooki Schnauzer while following these tips for a safe and fun Halloween!

1. Visibility. Preparing you pup to be a fierce vampire may be a trendy costume, but beware of all the dark colors at work. If your pet already has dark coloring in their coat, it may be hard to keep an eye on your little Vampup in the dark. Your ability to observe you pet is so important, with doors opening and closing and crowds of people. Your pet could easy run inside to go after candy, even if they seem like they're after blood! Always be sure to microchip and ID your pet if you are going out with them.

2. Fitting. Sure, a Lindsay Lohan jailbird costume is fun, but that alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet may be too tight! With a variety of costumes on the market, it is crucial to make sure your costumed cuddle-buddy is comfortable. Make sure your pet can move freely and avoid irritating fabrics.

3. Ingestion. You might have the best Lady Gaga dog costume, but hold the meat suit! There are other dogs around. Pets are prone to chewing their costumes and others, so make sure there is nothing that they could potentially swallow. For cat costumes, especially avoid costumes with hair and feathers, which they may eat as well. The thought of your pet swallowing something they shouldn't is scarier than any costume!

4. Make-up and Paints. Your Smurf and Smurfette doggy duo might be the talk of the block, but cool it with the blue paint. Putting paint and make-up on your pet is always a bad idea. Even non-toxic make up can still be dangerous and irritating to your pet. There is no need to take away from your pet's natural beauty! Their natural coats go with any costume.

5. Tricks. If your pup is uncomfortable around crowds, loud noises and children, consider keeping them indoors for their comfort. The sounds of the festivities could confuse and disorient your pet, so find a familiar and quiet place to relax. Your doggie will get the recognition he deserves by just posting a Facebook picture, with none of the anxiety of going trick-or-treating. If you go out, observe if your pet is comfortable and not overwhelmed, and find a place where your pup feels safe if they experience anxiety.

6. Treats. There is no such thing as a Halloween without candy. But make sure your Count Dogula does not turn into a Count Chocula, as chocolate can be toxic. Also beware of lollipops, which are easy to choke on. This does not have to keep you from trick-or-treating. Instead, join in with your pet and dress up. Choose a costume with a bag as an accessory and keep dog treats on hand! We love Simple Essentials dog treats by Hills Science Diet. Try them for a healthy and delicious treat, without the scare!

7. Vision. Putting your pup in a Thor costume may make them feel all powerful, but not if they can't see! Pet parents, beware of costumes that cover you pet's head, as they can obstruct their vision. You wont catch a superhero running into walls and other trick-or-treaters, so do not let your superpooch do that either!

8. Fire Safety. Whether you are going as an Angry Bird, a plane or SuperMan, beware of loose and draping fabric, like capes. With lit candles burning in pumpkins, make sure there is nothing on your pup that could get caught. Keep an eye on your pet and your surroundings to make sure your pet is safe. Set an example by replacing your candles with a Scentsy Candle that are fire free! These great candles melt wax with a lightbulb and produce an amazing smell. They are a Halloween staple for safety-minded pet parents.

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