12/06/2010 04:54 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Holiday Pet Gifts to Bark About

Just Like Your Dogs Do All Year Round

The holiday season is here, and if you're chasing your tail wondering what's the best pet present to buy, please stop now. You don't have to feel like an underdog any longer when finding the perfect holiday gift for the deserving four-legged companions and doting pet parents in your life. And if you want to stay out of the doghouse during the holidays, the following highly recommended pet gifts are design and economically savvy -- plus festive and fun!

  • The Scentsy warmers will soothe pets and their parents during all the frantic holiday hubbub. If your pet is prone to sudden outbursts, flame, soot, smoke or lead won't be a holiday hazard with this gift. All pets take pride in their well-developed snouts, and the 80 Scentsy scents will have them sniffing in delight. And with so many varieties of breeds (and pet parents), everyone should find a special seasonal scent to roll over and kick back with! Scentsy makes sense with prices ranging from $30 to $50. For more information visit
  • The perfect holiday gift for the entire family, especially if you're thinking of adopting a new pet from a shelter over the holidays, is the Ubisoft Petz Nursery 2 video game. With this game animal lovers can bond virtually with 22 different animals from infancy, while discovering each breed's tastes and distastes. Ubisoft Petz Nursery 2 helps players discover which pet is the right fit for your family and adds to what you already know about existing beloved pets. Nurturing and creating relationships with baby "petz" includes feeding, providing shelter and watching them grow to maturity! Ubisoft Petz Nursery 2 goes for the soft price of $29.99. For more information visit
  • Even the most spiritually Zen pet makes a mess every now and then, and with all the holiday celebrations coming up, pet parents are also primed for the occasional cheerful spill. Bissell's SpotBot Deep Compact Cleaner removes some of the toughest cat and canine stains and is one of the best practical gifts! The Bissel SpotBot is spot on ranging from $119.99 to $149.99. For more information visit
  • Dogs and cats are gifted at napping (especially near a warm fireplace), and Petco carries a wide variety of pet beds designed with dreaming animals in mind. The Cuddler Bed In Berry ($14.99) is a round, plush, comfy zone for dogs to easily climb into and relax -- perfect for older canines. The Red Plaid Cat Bed ($18.74) will have your contented cat snuggling up to the stuffed sides, and the no-skid bottom will keep even skittish kitties grounded.
  • Felines will get feisty with the Sparkle Ball Feather Teaser ($4.46), a non-toxic toy proven to make cats purr and roar while exercising the holiday treats away. If your cat is more of a furturistic feline, the Petco Laser Ring Pet Toy ($2.99) will have your kitty pouncing endlessly after the moving red laser dot.
  • Crazy Critters pet toys will have your little crazy critters jumping for joy! The Fox & Raccoon Stuffing Free Toys ($9.99) with squeakers on both ends are super soft and a dog's perfect hunting toy. If your Christmas canine is a chewer by nature, then the All Natural Mega Munch Sticks ($4.99) made of bark covered willow branches will have your pet chomping and chasing this multipurpose toy. For more information visit
  • We all have Land's End jackets -- and now so will our dogs! Every dog needs an extra layer when running from one holiday hound party to the next. This year plan to keep your dog hot throughout the wintry cold with Land's End Fleece Dog Jacket, perhaps in seasonal red or green, with a memorable monogram. This cozy, machine-washable, polyester fleece jacket protects dogs during the ruff-est of climates. Land's End Fleece Dog Jacket is the end all at $19.50.
  • Land's End displays a selection of dog collars and leashes, like the stylish Braided Pet Collar and leash. The durable braided nylon adds strength and helps guide your rambunctious pet from taking off at the dog park. All breeds are accommodated -- sizes range from extra small to extra large. The collar runs for $17.50 and the leash for $22.50. For more information visit
  • If you're planning some holiday travel with your snow-bound pets or know a pet parent who is, artist William Wegman has created the gift for you! The William Wegman Crypton Super Fabric exclusive Throver works like a tarp but looks like a top-line blanket. The "Throver" (for Rover) can be used to cover and protect outdoor car seats (from wet and muddy paws) and indoor sofas (when the fetch games begin). This must-have pet present is available in two designs; Show (six colors) and Gameboard (five colors). The Throver is also easy to spot- and machine-clean and is stain- and odor-resistant. The William Wegman for Crypton Fabric Throvers can be covered for $149.00. For more information visit

Do not give pets as gifts! This isn't Scrooge speaking, but it is important that the receiver is ready to play, love and care for the pet 24 hours a day! Unlike an ugly pair of wool socks, pets aren't gifts you can just toss aside or return. If you do know someone who's ready to become a new "mommy or daddy," make sure you remind them to adopt, as there is every breed, size, color, shape and personality available!

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