03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Winterizing Your Home And Pet!

When Jack Frost "nips" at your nose, he really bites hard! Certainly you don't want a sick puppy. Best to prepare your four-legged loved ones from the winter cold.

1. If your dog sleeps outside, a weatherproof dog-house is a must! Your furry friend's home should be able to retain heat, be well insulated and stay dry. No one wants to wipe a runny dog nose!

2. It's Freezing! During extremely low temperatures, all pets should be brought indoors.

3. If your dog's hair is groomed short, let it grow a bit longer in the winter to keep them warm. They were fortunate enough be born with their very own fur coat... they should use it!

4. They say people gain a few extra pounds during the winter months, but dogs actually need to! How sweet is that for them! Dogs need more calories in the winter to produce body heat, so increase the amount you feed your pet. Your pooch will definitely be pleased, but please do this responsibly - we don't want any chubby puppies!

5. Make sure your pet always has a full water bowl outside. Check outdoor bowls often when it's below freezing because the water can freeze. Break the ice because you don't want your little puppy's tongue to stick to it!

6. Keep your pet away from chemicals used to melt snow and ice because it can irritate paws and be deadly. If they come in contact with it, wipe their paws with a wet cloth immediately. You may have to gently remove ice from between your pooch's paw pads!

7. A cat may crawl under your car near the engine for shelter and warmth. It is possible for them to get caught in the fan and seriously injured. Honk the horn or slam a car door before starting the engine to wake any animal sleeping that may be hiding.

8. Time for Dress up! Yes, it's ok to put a sweater or cat on your dog without feeling embarrassed during the cold winter months! Certain breeds have less fur and need to be kept warm!

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