12/05/2014 02:14 pm ET Updated Feb 04, 2015

What's Your Excuse?

craftvision via Getty Images

There are moments when reality hits you like a medicine ball upside the head. I was silently complaining to myself about all the things that I am struggling with. Simple stuff like:

  • living in the "sticks,"
  • having to drive 30-45 minutes to get anywhere,
  • the lousy Internet service that's been impeding my business,
  • my lack of time to exercise,
  • my lack of motivation to do yoga,
  • lack of friends to workout with and riff on life stuff.

I heard a voice in my head ask, "Why don't you have what you want?"

Interesting question. What I realized is because I wasn't making them happen. And why not, I wondered. Because it's easier to play small. Or at least that's the perception, right?

Take a moment to this about your work, home, health, relationships, and community. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best possible, how would you rate them?

Do you FEEL like you're contributing to making any of these better? Contribution gives us a sense of purpose. Knowing why we do something and knowing that what we do matters gives us motivation to keep going, do more, and do better.

Sure, we all have laws we need to abide by -- local, state, federal, and moral -- but overall, we are fairly autonomous. Autonomy is defined as the quality or state of being self-governing or self-directing freedom and especially moral independence. What do you do with this autonomy on a daily basis?

Lately, I have been meeting far too many people who feel they have no choice, no options, are shackled to the confines of their life, relationships, job, home, and health. How does that happen? The prison we make for ourselves never has a closed and locked door. All it takes is the choice to do something different.

Contemplate this:
What is your competence?
What are you good at doing?
What do you love doing?
Are you doing it?

So often, people waste their special gifts. Often because they believe they can't make money using them, but also because sometime in their life, they likely heard a message of discouragement from using them.

Do what you love. Even if it means for a time you are applying it in ways you never expected.

The minute, and I do mean the minute, you begin applying your gifts and competency, the world will open up for you and provide opportunities to use it more. Spend an hour a day doing what makes you tick. Give every reason for the Universe and those in it to say "yes!" to you rather than no, maybe, or not now. Use your autonomy and change the world as you know it. Perhaps, you just might change the world as a whole!

Wendy Reese, MA, is an author, speaker, and peace hack who is passionately committed to helping visionaries, change agents, and healers be whole. With over two decades in the health and fitness field and 13 years teaching yoga, she brings a holistic approach to her work. She intuitively bridges woo-woo and practical guidance in a no nonsense, yet fun manner. You can find more on Wendy at, twitter @wholebeinginc, and G+ and Facebook.