08/11/2014 11:50 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

These Science Museums Are Actually Fun for Kids


By Kati Heng for Where®

For U.S. families, travel means road trips. Piled in the family van or SUV, families depart for trips that mix cities and country roads, and along the way, there are guaranteed stops at landmarks, museums and historic sites. And if those kind of stops bring out the yawns from the young ones, just know that it doesn't have to be that way. Fortunately, the best of today's museum administrators seem to understand that as well, and have conjured up science museums that will replace "booorrrrinnng!" with "oh, that's cool!" as your kids' phrase of the day.

So to help out your family's summer and fall travel plans, we've built a guide to some of the best science museums for kids. Best of all, after a visit to one of these destinations, they'll return to school knowing that learning can be fun. Apparently, if you hide education behind a cloak of fun (dinosaurs, astronauts, dolphins and observatories), they will love it.

Science Museums We Love

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