06/06/2014 06:39 pm ET Updated Aug 06, 2014

Decoding Your Date's "PET-sonality"

John Lund via Getty Images

Recently, Match and PetSmart Charities teamed up to reveal what pet-loving singles want when searching for a two-legged companion. With over 80 percent of Match singles identified as pet lovers, "Truth about Pets and Dating" survey of 1,000 singles helps connect the dots between dating and pets to give singles a new "leash" on love.

And in honor of Pet Appreciation Week, I wanted to call out to all singles who are pet lovers out there and share some insight on how to decode your date's "pet-sonality." Here are some fun tips to learn more about your mate based on the pet they may own!

It is safe to say that men and women who are dog owners are generally just like dogs and can be loyal, lifetime mates.

Small Dogs
Smaller breeds can sometimes live more than 15 years, so the owner of a smaller breed is usually committed to what seems like a lifetime with their pet. This translates into someone who is committed for the long haul in a relationship. Also small dog owners frequently take their dogs wherever they go, so the pooch can be more protective and aggressive. Take caution and make sure the owner treats their dog like a pet and not just an accessory!

Medium Dogs
Owners of medium breed dogs are very loyal people, but may be more of the picky sort. It may take them longer to pick a four-legged (or two-legged) partner, and they may try several different personality types and looks before they realize what they like. They tend to live right in the middle and not out on the ends of the spectrum, looking for "not too big, not too little, not too skinny, not too tall," etc. Don't try to convince a love interest that owns a medium sized dog that you're the one--they need to come to this on their own!

Large Dogs
Ready to play? A lot? Like a lot, a lot? Large breed dogs need a lot of exercise, making their owners usually the active/sporty type. Yes they like to play games, are competitive, and maybe have larger-than-life personalities. But carefree people can sometimes be too carefree, they never actually make an official commitment: You might be in a situation where you can't really pin them down with titles, but they will stay with you forever. Just know a relationship with a large dog owner could be a large-and-in-charge relationship with no real official titles (Mr. or Mrs.).

Singles with cats can be incredibly sensitive, kind and easy going.

1 Cat
This cat could have been bought, adopted, inherited from childhood or maybe it just showed up at his/her house at one point and never left. Regardless of how the furry friend got there, a man or woman who owns one cat can be the type of person who is going to be sensitive to your feelings. However, cats can be so low maintenance that a person who owns one as an adult is sort of straddling on the commitment fence. They have a pet to take care of, but they have very little upkeep and a lot to benefit from.

3 Cats
Cool, they like cats, you get it, but it doesn't make them a cool cat! Men or women who own three cats are saying something like..."help me, I can't say no." Cats take control, and people who have three of them basically need a partner who is strong-willed and has a lot of structure and control in their lives. But if you have three or more cats yourself, your relationship will have more than NINE lives!

Hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, gerbils
Anyone who has this type of animal after the age of 12 may have some arrested development. Meaning, they haven't grown up and taken major adult responsibilities. Yes...they could be a lot of fun...childlike, sweet and silly, soft and cute. But when it comes to a grown-up relationship and may be just chasing the proverbial wheel inside the hamster cage! These relationships can be full of frivolity and fun...if that's what you need, go for it!

Fish, lizards, snakes, turtles
People who own these types of low-maintenance non-cuddle type of pets could be cold, non-cuddle types themselves. If you aren't the type that likes to cuddle or you don't love to spend a lot of time with another person in your life , then these pet owners are the perfect match for you! Meet up when you want company and slither your way into happiness.