04/14/2011 02:59 pm ET Updated Jun 14, 2011

Barbaric Trapping: Not Ready for Prime Time?

Kudos to Jane Velez-Mitchell at CNN Headline News for giving prominent national air time to Born Free USA's recent trapping investigation, Victims of Vanity.

Jane interviewed Adam Roberts, Born Free USA's executive vice president, and exposed the gruesome reality of trapping in America.

But where is the rest of the American journalistic corps? We are bombarded daily by images of arson, war, and natural disasters. Our footage, however, has been deemed so barbaric, so uncomfortable for people, that when Born Free USA showed the video and pitched the story to all of the major news television and cable networks, their producers consistently said that the footage was "too rough for our viewers..."; "...too harsh..."; "too inhumane..."; "too sad and heartbreaking"; and "...not for our audience."

So what does that say about trapping and what we uncovered? If it is too inhumane to air during prime time (or any other time, for that matter), shouldn't it also be too inhumane to allow in any state in the country?

Sifting through the vile images, videos and inspector's notes was an unbearable process for Born Free USA staff. Brutal, tragic, insufferable, sad... foxes, bears, minks, bobcats, raccoons... trapped, bruised, scared, distressed... beaten, stomped, crushed, drowned. We cannot turn a blind eye to these horrors; not if we expect to end them.

We will not give up our efforts to expose the vicious trapping industry but for now it remains a real-life horror-show that many Americans have yet to witness.

Thanks to social media we still have the opportunity to get the word out about this investigation. That is why, along with our website, we have taken our story to Facebook and YouTube. Once a week, we are releasing a clip from our investigation on our YouTube Channel. Watch what you can. Share with others and, if you are as outraged as we are, be a part of the solution.

I know in my heart that trapping's days are numbered. People will come to realize that fur is not fashionable and that cruelty is not cool. With a drop in demand there will be a drop in supply.

Combine that with anti-trapping legislation -- much of which we promote and spotlight -- and it is clear to me that someday compassionate individuals will consign the despicable fur trapping industry to history. For good... for the good of all creatures.