09/24/2012 08:27 am ET Updated Nov 23, 2012

National Punctuation Day: Answering the Question, "Does it Go Here or There?"

Today is National Punctuation Day, a celebration of the little-known or forgotten information about those tiny dots, curves, and symbols that add so much character to our language.

I thought I would contribute to National Punctuation Day by shedding light on some uses of punctuation placement that will help keep your grammar skills sharp in this age of texting and email.

I discuss these issues--and many more--in my book The Big Ten of Grammar, which grammar enthusiasts will be happy to know is currently available free on the Kindle.

The Placement of Punctuation

Correction: In the slide about exclamation points, the word "explanatory" was used instead of the word "exclamatory." The correction has now been made.