05/31/2012 09:45 pm ET Updated Jul 31, 2012

Fiat Lux, Willard!

Amazingly, Mitt Romney has not one but two Harvard degrees. (Unfortunately for Harvard.)

On Thursday, during his California fundraising swing, Romney made a surprise, secret visit to the shuttered Fremont plant of Solyndra, the late solar firm which got a half billion in loans from the Obama Administration before going under in the face of cut-throat pricing from Chinese firms.

Trying desperately to turn attention away from attacks on his record as a corporate takeover specialist at Bain Capital, and from his close embrace of birther billionaire Donald Trump -- the presumptive Republican nominee celebrated his clinching the party nomination Tuesday night at Trump's casino on the Vegas Strip -- Romney declared that Solyndra is "Obama's Taj Mahal."

His Taj Mahal?

Romney's Harvard degrees are in business and law. He's a professional man, not an intellectual. (Maybe that's why he rips Barack Obama for being "too Harvard" when he's spent the most time at the place. He only used the specialty libraries.)

Still, even though he is no intellectual, he should know what the Taj Mahal is before he invokes it in such a pointed yet fundamentally goofy way.

The United Nations, placing the Taj Mahal on the World Heritage List, describes it thus: "The Taj Mahal is the jewel of Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world's heritage."

Is Romney really saying that the shutdown Solyndra plant is an aesthetic masterpiece, one of the greatest places in the world?

Yeah, probably not.

Romney simply doesn't know what he is saying.


No wonder Romney has aligned himself so closely with the anti-Enlightenment forces in America -- birthers, evolution deniers, greenhouse deniers, anti-solar types, the drill baby drill crowd who don't get that oil is a global market so even more drilling here won't drop the price of gasoline, etc.

Jefferson and Franklin would roll over in their graves listening to this gabble.

Romney's visit to the Taj Mahal of Fremont, and his latest adventure in talking like the Harvard he went to is Harvard Junior High in East Nowheresville, came after a big fundraiser Wednesday night at the 65,000 square foot Chateau Carolands in Hillsborough. The gardens are modeled after those at Versailles.

Now that is one famous place that Romney actually knows about. (A superhawk today, he was a Mormon missionary in France during his prime military-eligible years in the Vietnam War, which he strongly advocated.)

"Corporations are people, my friend." Let them eat cake!

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