12/23/2014 01:33 pm ET Updated Feb 22, 2015

2015 Holiday Wish List

When I was kid I wrote to Santa Claus every year. More or less, my Christmas wishes were usually fulfilled. Nowadays I make lists about my wishes as I travel the world. That list is long. Here is my 2015 holiday travel wish shortlist:

● I wish for a really long weekend at Lake Como's Grand Hotel Tremezzo.
● I wish that Bhutan did not charge a minimum of $250 a day to visit their country.
● I wish airline tickets were transferable.
● I wish American restaurants would pay their wait staffs a living wage so we would not have to subsidize them with demeaning tips. They deserve better.
● I wish we American flyers had real Air Passengers Rights ala the European Union. We deserve better...
● I wish frequent flyer miles never expired, and that a mile was a mile.
● I wish for a week on a beach in Mozambique.
● I wish I had 24-hours to use my hotel room for a daily rate I pay -- like car rentals do.
● I wish they had a LoJack-like system for lost luggage.
● I wish we Americans saw taking time off work and vacationing as a right, not a privilege and a luxury.
● I wish there was a bridge/tunnel combo mega-project across the Bering Strait.
● I wish US airports were quieter. Do we really need those obnoxious 24/7 loud and shrill TSA announcements -- 13+ years running!?
● I wish credit card companies wouldn't charge us those excessive fees to spend our money.
● I wish data roaming charges were a thing of the past.
● I wish cruise ships operating into and out of U.S. ports had to obey U.S. laws.
● I wish I had more patience for neophyte travelers at airports -- and children on planes.
● I wish we would all take fewer selfies and more group photos with the people we met traveling.
● I wish I wasn't made to feel like a terrorist so often when traveling -- 99.99999 percent of us aren't.
● I wish I could circumnavigate the globe in one epic adventurous trip in 2015 by making the cut and participating in The Global Scavenger Hunt.

Well, a guy can dream can't he? Click your heels and hope...please Santa. And speaking of wishing... how is that "Star Trek" transporter system coming along?

Okay, what do wish for in 2015? Let your dreams flow.